They say that two industries never really face a downturn: Food and Healthcare; because, people love to eat, and people will fall sick. Jokes apart, healthcare is indeed a booming industry in India, and for those with an interest in the field and good people skills, there are many career options (besides the most obvious one – becoming a doctor!)

Here are some of the promising ones:

Nutritionist/Dietician: A dietician consultation is integral to health check-ups. Many disorders, both of the body and of the mind, can be traced to the food one consumes – what, how much, when and how. There are many sub-specialities in this, like ayurvedic nutrition, paediatric nutrition, and convalescent nutrition.

Fitness consultant: Interested in physical fitness, and want to do something more than just hitting the gym yourself? Training to be a fitness consultant is a good option.

Medical social worker: Often, patients may be unable/unwilling to verbalise their health, or neglect healthcare due to many psycho-social factors. MSWs are the interface between healthcare professionals and society, working at the grassroots level, both in urban/rural settings. Recognising the felt needs of a demographic, following up on treatment given once the patient has returned to their home, identifying and retrieving treatment defaulters – invaluable in cases of communicable diseases, or negligence due to social factors; an MSW is indispensable.

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There are many other newer ones too opening up such as music therapist, medical writing and health education. An interest in health and fitness, the desire to work with and help people, and good people skills will all stand you in good stead, besides the specific training needed for the job.

Learn more about alternate careers in health that may be right up your alley.

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