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Recruiters & head hunters often think about different ways to reach to the prospective candidates, one out of which is sending job vacancy emails. However, in most cases, these mails go unanswered. Does this happen with you as well? If yes, then in that case, all you need to focus upon is the personal touch. Yes, you need to sound more personal and engage with the candidate in a fruitful way. And for doing that, check out these tips:

  • Forget about the ‘computer’ element in your e-mails. You have to focus upon making a personal conversation as if you are interacting face to face to the candidate. You have to make the candidate believe that it is not the mail merge at the other end.
  • Maintaining personal touch can be bit difficult especially in the first email. So the trick here is to be as precise and short as possible. Use bold, or italics font to highlight and grab the attention of the prospects. Rest, you always have the phone calls or personal meets to discuss the rest.
  • Make sure you maintain relevancy for the candidate. Thoroughly research about the candidate and ensure that you send the email only if it is relevant to him.
  • Personalizing is the key, as said above. So, for doing that you surely have to address them with their names instead of ‘Dear Candidate’. Also, you may check out their social profiles, like LinkedIn to mention certain experience they have, for being personal.
  • You can even connect through them with LinkedIn and mention about the e-mail that you have sent to them.
  • Never forget to tell the candidate the benefits. To get the response from the potential candidate, you need to emphasis on why this vacancy is suitable for him and why should he join your organization. So to be precise, it has to be opportunity driven & solution oriented.
  • It is better to specify the response that you want from the candidate, for that you need to include call to action be that a reply, phone call or appointment.
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So, next time, before you send the recruiting emails check that you have established a connection, maintained personal tone that is specific and relevant.

If you have ideas or some secrets about email recruiting that you would love to share, then you can share those in the comment box below.


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