Work Relations

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Nature has tendered us with various emotions which bring out different relationships happen with several people in life. It makes us share a strong bond with our family members and friends. Such relationships are altruistic in nature. But, at workplaces, the picture is entirely different. The work relations seems to be an unemotional character.

Workplaces are full of professionals’ goals, personal achievements and individual tasks leading people to live in a cut-throat competition where they become self-centered. Further, it leads to the birth of office politics. Sometimes it is good to work under competitive circumstances, but in most of the cases, it creates adverse events or it’s not good for the health of any organization.

According to the Gallup Organization, an American research-based, global performance-management consulting company, the people who share cordial relationships at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their jobs. And, it’s not about being best friends: The research says people who simply have good friends at the workplace are more likely to be contented.

Work Relations
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Above all, building robust and positive relationships at work is important. We have to focus on why it’s crucial to have good working relationships. Also, we have to look at how to strengthen the relationships. The subsequent points would highlight how to build good work relations:

1. Recognise Relationship Necessities

“The most significant way to understand other’s pain is to be in their shoes.”

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Identifying your relationship needs is crucial. What others want from you and what you want from others is significant. Understanding it would help in building better relationships.

2. Plan Time 

“By managing every piece of time, it is possible to work on things, which seem to be unachievable.”

At work, when one is occupied with a heap of work, it becomes difficult to find out some time to casually talk with people. Devoting a small portion of your day would be impact-parting when it comes to taking initiatives for relationship building in the workplace. Even if it’s 10 minutes, it’s commendable.

3. Emphasis on Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success.”

Emotional Intelligence is to understand your emotions first, then the needs and feelings of others. Being emotionally intelligent, you can readily recognise other’s problems and vice versa.

4. Appreciate Colleagues

“Appreciation charms everyone.”

When someone helps you, show enthusiastic approach to appreciating the efforts. Whoever is the person, make sure you value even if the individual is the janitor. It opens up the doors of a great relationship at work.

5. Be Positive

“Being positive is an ointment to most of the professional and personal injuries in life.”

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Positivity has a lot to offer you – motivation, passion, and above all, belief in making and continuing the relationships. It strengthens your association with coworkers. It becomes apparent to be a positive personality to attract more people in life. No one wants to be with someone who is pessimistic.

6. Listen Actively

“Give ears to others; they will listen to you too when you want to tell your story.”

A good listener is a good observer! Listening is important when you want to understand others. Listen to others and observe their emotional state of mind to understand what people need from you. In return, they will comprehend your emotional state.

7. Manage Your Boundaries

“Giving a lot of importance than needed is always harmful; creating a fair balance is the wisest act.”

When a good communication or interaction further becomes no less than a gossip on a regular basis, it eats up your productivity at work. Make sure it doesn’t affect your time spent on the work you are usually required to fulfil your task.

8. Develop People Skills

“People who interact first have fewer egos and win everyone’s heart.”

The work relations starts when one interacts, mingles with people and talks to them. On the other hand, one must work on his/her approach to conflict resolution.

Building and maintaining harmonious work relations would not only make you more committed and engaged to your organisation, but it also advances the chance to gain knowledge from others. It offers an ample amount of self-satisfaction as well!

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