On the occasion of Children’s Day, let’s not forget that each one of us has a child in ourselves, and it is imperative that more than anything else we keep that child happy and satisfied, so that work goes on smoothly.

Here are quick tips for some happiness around the workplace-

Eat Hungrily
Children have this tendency of trying every new thing that comes their way, especially food. Time and again, you should try and eat whatever comes your way to keep your hunger pangs at bay. If you don’t like trying new things, then eat a lot of what you like and keep your child soul satisfied.

Distract Your Mind
Among tight deadlines, and stressful clients take time out to look at the birds outside your glass cubicle. Gape at the sheer expanse of the skyscrapers, listen to the sound of flights landing and taking off. Distractions are needed every now and then to put you back to work with greater gusto.

Go Play
Yes! Engage in activities which exhilarate your senses. Play a game online, try on new game apps. If you aren’t a virtual gamer, then go down your building and speak to the roadside shop vendors over a cup of tea. Children are happy when they do anything except what they are allotted to do.

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All of us have grown and matured over time and little joys of life do not appeal to us anymore. However, they do appeal to a child. Whenever your heart does a joyous twist at cracking a deal or a promotion, express it to the world.

– Do a little jig.

– Sing to yourself.

– Jump up and down.


It’s great to be a child and act like one sometimes.
A very Happy Children’s Day to all you grown-up kids!

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