Toxic workers at the workplace vary from that one person who likes to sabotage your plan without you knowing them, that person who is a naysayer to every other idea you may want to give, a person who is a constant stress-giver and that person who likes to have sadistic pleasure when you are being chided by the boss. These coworkers are nothing but toxic, and there are special ways to handle them.

Worry not; we are here for your rescue-

Don’t Look Down Upon Them
Believe that something is wrong with them and treat them with your best behavior. Some coworkers lack the emotional intelligence to gather the natural happenings around them, or pick up certain social signals. You should never vilify them or their work. That just does not go down well with them.

Clarity Be Your Mothertongue
Clear and crisp statements do the trick with most of these toxic workers who are trying to bring you down. Tell them the whole story, the whole idea and record it somewhere, so that you have proof of your stuff somewhere. The intention of keeping proof is to make them understand at some later time how viable the idea was.

Calm The Nerves Down
It is but obvious, that you feel angry with the behavior you are subjected to and you feel the need to retaliate. Control that need for a better hour and for better work. Talent never goes waste, while the negativity has a stipulated time. Calm. Wait. Work. Lethal coworkers should not take the zest of work away from you.

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Keep The Distance Alive
To keep your days happy and lively, try be as much away from them as possible. Do not cross their paths, until it is only professional necessary to do so. If the coworker happens to be sitting around you, dumb down your brain to not listen or respond to the things he/she says, no matter what. You don’t want to get into unnecessary verbal hustle.

Most importantly, coworkers are difficult because you make them difficult in your head. Empathize with these personalities!


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