As you advance in your career, the amount of mail you receive would increase. Some of you just get frustrated by such a huge inflow of mails, some make it a point to reply to each one of them and waste their precious time. The boss people do it the smart way-

Necessity and Courtesy
You need to define your lines of necessary replies and courtesy replies. A ‘Thank you’ is not always needed. You would just be wasting time if you acknowledge each email and give a reply to every single one of them. The productive hours of work get destroyed in the chaos of the mailbox. Categorize what needs attention and what can be left out.

Trash it
Most times, the mailbox is so full that your brain imprints just your mailbox. De-clutter is the magic word here. Have the sense to delete unwanted mail. If the replies to some mails are unclear, or if some direction is ambiguous the mails can straight away head to the trash can. When the project is over all the to and fro communication mails from the clients, should be deleted to free your mind from excessive content in the mailbox.

Save mail holes for later
E-mails have links and videos and articles which take hours to read or see. Save these interesting learnings for later. The office time is strictly for work-related purposes and essentially one should stick to it. These rabbit holes take you to innumerable links and you get lost in their dark world, however enlightening it may be. The best way out it to bookmark them for leisure time read.


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Recognize high-pressure mails
Some mails require instant attention and such email should be recognized immediately or the cause is lost. Important emails should be starred or be given a label which could be checked every now and then for their status remains high on priority most of the time.

Bypass emails
Some responses are better without the textual email, especially when you know the matter wouldn’t be solved promptly. The best thing here is to bypass email and take another communication route. Call the person concerned or have a face-to-face chat which might solve matters in an effective manner than email would ever do.


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