Unofficial office gatherings are not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people are awkward by nature, some do not like staying for parties, and some simply don’t bother. They aren’t exactly the biggest harbingers of diplomacy. Ironically, all of them need to be there and they are.

Some tips to keep you out of tight situations and awkward moments come in handy-

Stay At The Bar

Stay aloof. Stay happy. If you are one of those employees who find it difficult to make small talk, you just need to be around the bar pretending to drink while you just hang there, having nuts and crackers with soda water. Honestly, some of us just lack the grace and poise to nod peacefully and keep up the smiles. For people like us, if it’s not a dingy corner of the party it’s the bar!


Keep Out of The Way

Maintain some cool and keep out of the way of the biggies- The topmost boss and his allies. If you bump into them, handle it with chivalry. Maybe you could pray, that one of your well-spoken colleagues would come to your rescue. The basic remains that you just keep a look-out for the bigwigs coming your way and dodge them at the right moment to avoid uncouth behavior.

Immerse Yourself in Known Waters

This does not mean swimming in the pool. It means to stay engrossed with stuff you can handle at the party. For example- grab your best office pal and talk about the assortment of wines available, shove food down your throat, illuminate your face with your mobile phone’s light, pretend to be on a call. Simply, do what you like without disturbing the party.

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Make an Impression with the Kids

Sometimes, you have no option but to interact. In these bleak times, the silver lining of the cloud are the children frolicking around in the party. These little ones are progeny of the bosses with whom you need to maintain great relations, what better than to play hide and seek with them and become their best playmate of parties. You wouldn’t know when the boss would promote you for being great with his kids! Indeed, an impeccable show of adaptability and team spirit.

More times than not, you might yourselves in sticky situations; presence of mind can help you there along with the above tips.

Or do you have your own little ways to get out of them?

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