Happy Boss's Day

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Happy Boss's Day

To work with a great boss is always somewhere in the mind of every worker. Every boss is generally assessed on his greatness by the way he treats his employees (well, because without his employees, he won’t be a boss). So, if your employee hasn’t come to you today and complimented you for being a great boss, then you need to read ahead and see what’s missing:

  • Be an example: First and foremost rule to be a great boss is to be an example. You ought to do what you expect from your team. If you want to be punctual, you have to be first, if you want them to put their smart efforts, you have to contribute equally.
  • Tell them what you expect: Clarity of expectations is important. It is better if you can convey your team what your expectations are. This would help in performance evaluation as well, as the team would be clear of on what basis evaluation would be made.
  • Keep an open door: Great bosses do not sit behind the closed doors. Make sure you keep the door of your corner office open and convey to your team that they are free to come to you for discussions or to share a feedback or problem.
  • Give space for flexibility to employees: Yes, a great boss has to offer guidelines and set a path to walk upon to get the desired results. But he shouldn’t continuously nag his team to give every minute status or do exactly as per the instructions. Give your team a space to experiment and bring in the creativity or talent into picture to reach to the desired result.
  • Offer careful criticism: Flaws are part of everyday routine and it is important to bring them into notice (especially the ones which may affect the work or create issues). But make sure you handle this with care, as it can be fragile. You can hold private one on one discussion or alter the mistake as a lesson to make the employee understand his mistake and stay vigilant in future.
  • Acknowledge effort as well as achievement: It’s true that bosses should always acknowledge achievements for a moral boost but acknowledging the efforts too are important. At times, even after lot of efforts, results do not come up as per expectations; in such situations, as an ideal boss, you must not forget to acknowledge the efforts.
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So, on this Boss Day, try to adopt these secrets. And yes, these are not hard and fast ones; you may surely stay open to new innovations as being flexible is another quality of a great boss.

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