Office Culture, Work Environment

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A friend of mine, who recently graduated college, has joined a reputed IT firm in Delhi. Academically, she has been excellent throughout, so I knew she will perform well professionally too. We planned to meet at a coffee shop and in the entire conversation we had, she talked 90 per cent of the time about office and in the rest we talked about the well-being of our respective families and old friends.

Office Culture, Work Environment

I could analyze and distribute the conversation into percentages so well. Ironically, it was she who taught me statistics in school so that I could manage a decent score.

As soon as we ordered the coffee she told me about the men in her office, and her reviews were positive. Then she explained me in detail what role she was assigned and discussed the growth prospects in the job. The training manger she said is very cooperative and employees at all levels are free to communicate with anybody in the hierarchy. As she talked I could clearly see how absorbed she was in the new role.

When I asked why she had not seen me for so long, she gave me an answer that was enlightening. She said she had completely lost herself in experiencing the excitement and amazingness of this new life.

Then she suddenly stopped and asked me, how I am doing in life. And I smiled and said, “I am doing well.” And instantly she started again telling me about the places she had visited with her colleagues and all the fun they had. I told her I had been seeing her updates and also teased her saying, “You seem to be enjoying good amount of night life too.” She laughed and then she never paused.

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I have not met those new friends of her, but I know everything about them. As I sipped coffee sitting in that cafe, my mind sipped a detailed explanation of those personalities through her.

I was in a rush also so I could not spend much time with her. But that evening after meeting my friend, I was happy to be the part of a corporate world, where girls can have fun and men are sensible enough to handle them.  I think this is what a good work environment means.


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