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Smriti Irani, was in headlines a month back. The youngest Union Textiles Minister’s moving experience about her rejection from her first job spread across the world like wild fire.

What was her moving experience?

Smriti Irani said,

“I don’t know if many people know that one of the first jobs that I wanted, and I lined up for, was cabin crew at Jet (Airways). I was rejected because I was told I don’t have a good personality. Thank God for your rejection. After that, I got a job at McDonald’s and the rest is history.”

Her touching experience proved that it is not just the personality that matters but the zest to become someone who is recognized for his/her work.

Traditional Role of a Good Personality at Job


Throughout the decades, personality of a candidate has helped the hiring managers decide whether she/he should be selected for the job role or not. Indeed, not every kind of personality is ideal for every job role, which is why it is has stayed significant for recruiters to pair employees’ roles with their respective personalities, which further drives them to deliver better productivity at workplace.

However, just like women were earlier only considered for home-related errands, men were not considered as great cooks, today women are driving in each division from sports to IT, and males have left observable benchmarks in the hospitality industry. The trend to assess who is ideal for which job has been buried under the caves long time back. Today, individuals with passion for travel writing but hold a degree in MA in English are hired as travel journalists. They do not necessarily have to hold a Mass.Com degree. Likewise, individuals who are born artists end up taking roles in the IT sector. There is no end to extending your interests and career choices and so the parameter of a good personality does not fit actually into job roles any longer.

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What do you exactly need to secure a job?

Skills, prior which were only sharpened through scholastic qualifications can now be honed by being in a specific job as well. What precisely required is the earnestness and sincerity to learn something new and passion to achieve your dreams, come what may.

While job-hunting

What should job-seekers must not be afraid of?

Job-seekers, particularly fresher applicants are bombarded with millions of contemplations associated with their personality while job hunting. What they should not be anxious about when applying for a position, which is a contrast to their personality is:

  • How they appear
  • How they dress
  • They are introverts or,
  • They are candid

While, all the above factors if present in a candidate would suffice to secure a job but they won’t all really work if s/he does not have the willingness to work under strict deadlines, adapt flexible work schedules, earnestness to learn, ownership to take up new responsibilities and passion to accomplish something, which others cannot.

What the future beckons will be?

With a change in the manner of thinking, there will be a change in how candidates would chase for their dream jobs. Besides, it will likewise change the hiring procedure of the recruitment industry. Recruiters will no more be interviewing applicants only on the basis of how immaculate they appear on their resume or hiring candidates who appear perfectly dressed-up in the interview and have astounding physical features. Focus will be more on scouting the right talent. Talent that has an unsurpassed enthusiasm to work, a responsible attitude, and an ambitiousness to standout with his or her innovative thinking abilities, which the candidate will put to work all together.

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