Good Health at Workplace

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One of the most crucial possessions for every human being is ‘good health’, post which comes the other assets of life. We can also say that, without good health, everything in life seems to be unhappy and unimportant. Ask those who are suffering from critical or incurable health conditions and willing to work? They can not! Why? Because they are not physically fit. Therefore, for anything one desires to achieve in life, attaining good health prior to it is very important. A healthy person is an asset to himself and to those who are associated with him. On the other hand, an ill person is a burden to himself, as well as, on people around or dependent over him.

Maintaining good health at workplace is significant as to ensure, you do not lose out the opportunities, which are the way to your career dreams. If you are not well, you will always be distracted from your work responsibilities. Keeping yourself healthy hence, is your prime responsibility, that can ultimately open up your way to a brighter future for yourself and for your family. moreover, providing a healthy atmosphere at the workplace is also a major accountability of your employers. How hard you try to keep yourself hale and hearty, if your working environment does not favor your well-being, ultimately you become ill – mentally and physically.

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Represented beautifully in the infographic, the various causes of poor health at work such as stress levels, working over time, long commute time and so on. However, some of the top-notch companies have left a benchmark by providing health facilities to their employees ensuring they stay and work healthily.

Good health leads to various positives at workplace – higher productivity, less absenteeism and lower stress etc. And, poor health leads to various negatives at workplace – loss of coordination, lower productivity and lack of energy etc.

For employees, some of the best ways to remain fit include taking a good night sleep, increasing liquid intakes, adding protein to regular diet and going for a walk or exercise. Companies who are aggressively planning out to create a positive work atmosphere are advised to take examples from the major brands who always try to build their work environment employees-friendly.



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