Go Goa Gone is a senseless, yet an utterly hilarious movie. The critics describe it as a laugh riot. While it is an absolutely simple script, the full credit to make it a blockbuster can go to the trio acting in the movie. The extras(read: zombies) played their part well. You know you had a good time watching the film when the jolts of laughter were splattered across the theaters, till the last scene of the movie. CareerBuilder India brings you five lessons on work that Go Goa Gone brings; packed and parceled for those looking for insights on work culture:


  1. Distractions are Omnipresent: Everyone is aware of the fact that at a time when concentration is required the most, distractions make their best effort to steer focus away. Go Goa Gone highlights this lesson in the avatar of Hardik and Luv who try to lure their friend Bunny into attending a party rather than going for the office meeting.No one knows what happened to the office meeting, thereafter. In work-life as well such situations are likely to arise every other day. The point is if you cannot chuck out the distraction; handle them in a manner that your work does not suffer.
  2. You Never Know What Lies Ahead: So you are geared up for all the fun and have left behind all the anxiety about the pending work that awaits you in office? Your vacation has cut you off entirely from the office, and you could not be happier about it. You soon return (after the thrill is over) to your office, only to realize that your work log has been stuffed with work. It is a panic moment for you. Wondering what your fault is in all of this? You only point is you forget an important rule of work – to never lose touch completely.
  3. Humour is Essential: Chaos and change will often make you feel down and out. Tricky situations will stare you in your eyeballs. There would be a fight or flight situation innumerable times and most of the times you will find yourself going with the latter options. However, you will sometimes find yourself fighting – and at that time you will know how to win a fight.
  4. What Do We Know and What Have We Learnt: Knowledge and learning are two of the most important weapons that help us survive the toughest of situations. However, at times one of the two is not sufficient for a victory. Those who have been in a career like Marketing would know that without learning from doing, knowledge is often of no use. However, being unaware is like being unarmed on the battle field. If you don’t know strategies and it is very likely that you will falter.
  5. Humour in the Right Dosage: Humour does not necessarily mean silly laughs and ludicrous ranting. Smart slapstick satire is refined humour that is better reserved for friends rather than colleagues and superiors at office. Office humour is a delicate matter and should be approached carefully. It should be healthy and capable of creating a light atmosphere that does not hurt anyone. Well, that does need some HR skills!

Apart from the above listed five lessons that Go Goa Gone subtly imbibes in its script, there is one very evident take-out from the movie – if you want to make daftness a strong point, don’t try to be politically proper. And then, the last lesson that comes with the current closing is to be sorry for the troubles that were self-created. Before wrapping one, there is one more take away that almost everyone will agree to – That no one likes Mondays!


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