There is a recent debate doing rounds on the Internet nowadays. The article that had a boomerang effect has sparked a million opinions. It first made headlines in “The Atlantic” elucidating why women can’t have it all: the career, the family, the kids and the dreams.

bigstockphoto_Asian_Business_Woman_And_Baby_5110436And then there are statistics that seem skewed in favour of men (not to say that the numbers aren’t true) however; with statistics you can’t tell. According to a recent survey dated 6 February 2013, titled “Glass ceiling pay gap revealed: 26% of women directors earn less”, an employer who differentiates pay between a man or a woman of comparable experience then he is acting illegally.

The search findings were with regard to UK; nonetheless, EEO and glass ceiling, which are the two main points of concern in the two published articles, are a dominating debate in India as well.

Anne-Marie Slaughter has proposed a number of interesting ideas. No one could have thought that travel could be a reason why women couldn’t have it all. She also proposes that a right marriage can save your career. And then she gives a reason on why “women can have it all; why they can’t have it all at once”.
While the world debates that women can’t do everything; CareerBuilder India takes a different view-point. Do women NEED to have it all? Let’s get real. Neither of the two sexes is empowered to run the world. This doesn’t mean that one has to take a back seat. Here are a few reasons why the glass-ceiling makes little sense:

1. It’s Important to Do What You Believe in: While at the age of 26 you might be thinking of getting married, do not think about giving up your career just because that “change” that is going to happen. If you get an overseas opportunity to work with your Technologyclient do not let it go. Your wish comes first.
2. It is not important to be at the Top: Women, it is not that if you are not at the top in your HR consultancy that you will not be taken seriously. Probably, the men are too scared to give you all the control. But for once, ask yourself whether it is more important to be at the top or does it matter to be respected and looked up to.
3. Children are Just an Excuse: The next time if anyone asks you about your marital status in an interview, and refuses to hire you because you are married and have children, don’t keep sitting and waiting for another employer to do the same. When you are competent enough to take on that PHP developer’s job, why let marriage or children be an obstacle?
4. Men Can Work From Home, So Can You: There is no ego issue about it; and this is not about equality. You can’t say that someone is not successful just because he or she works from home. Progress is not defined by the place of work. In the end, it is all about priorities.

A quote from “New York Times” that questions Anne-Marie’s thought process sums up perfectly what this article points out. “If a woman has a sterling résumé, a supportive husband who speaks fluent car pool and a nurturing boss who just happens to be one of the most powerful women in the world herself, who or what is to blame if Ms. Supposed-to-Have-It-All still cannot balance work and family?”

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