There is a new craze amongst those who study the workplace and organizational behaviour. It’s called the Millennial Mania. The scope of research and studies being made nowadays, pertaining to the demographical changes that every organization is witnessing, is enormous. Innumerable debatable topics can be culled, which focus on how, when, why is the macro organizational environment changing.


Admittedly, the Gen-Y people are overpowering the Gen-X people at the workplaces.

This alteration stands-out all the more because of the digital age booming. The two events coincide so much so, that the Gen-Y Natives are also known as Digital Natives. The changes that we see are for the good, establish researches and studies. CareerBuilder India establishes the following reasons why the Generation Gap that exists at the workplace today is great for those employed presently.

1. Better Decisions: While the way of working for Gen-X and Gen-Y people might differ entirely. The two generations approach might even be contradictory. However, with both the generations working side by side, an organization can be assured of solid end-results with zero loopholes. If brainstorming is aptly applied to the decision making process, the efficiency of the final outcome holds the potential to become unquestionable.
2. Increased Learning: In an atmosphere where two entire different age groups work together, the situation is ripe to mutually learn and grow. The Gen-X people can learn to inculcate the advantages of workplace flexibility; while the Gen-Y people can learn how to act more professionally in an organizational setup.
3. Smoother Transition: Imagine that one day all the Gen-X people were asked to sit at home and all Gen-Y people were supposed to report to their respective workplaces. Wouldn’t there be a chaos in case that happens? And, the chaos would be experienced by all three – the Gen-X people, the Gen-Y people, and the organizations. With the change happening slowly, there is little for to fret about.

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Apart from the amusing differences that have been researched and written about, pertaining to the two generations, certain experts are of the view that rethinking the generation gap might bring in more clarity on the subject. Research conducted by Ben Rosen, Ph.D., Professor of Organizational Behavior for the Kenan Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina establishes, “generations may have more in common than previously thought.”

A survey that Rosen conducted, which comprised a sample size of 5,400 people established that, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials all shared the same top five expectations of their employers. They also agreed in their views of what an ideal leader should look like”. What the survey establishes is just one stark similarity between workers belonging to different generations.

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