If you are a Gen-X member and have read the Washington Post that stereotypes Gen-Y as cyber cry babies, you might feel relieved for a while that you aren’t a part of a generation full of “slackers, whiners and malcontents”, as described in the post.

downloadBut when you run a reality check, look around and see the faces all around you at your workplace, you are likely to disagree with every single word in the post (ok, not everything in that post seems false but the bit about slackers seems a little too much).

Now the point is that you know you are moving into your late 30s and 40s; and, you know that there aren’t many opportunities out there if you plan a career switch. Do you see it as an obstacle or as a challenge? Career counselors at CareerBuilder India say that it is the time to straighten up, believe in yourself, and to turn your liabilities into assets.

1.Promote Yourself: You have been there and done that. You know how to handle almost every balance sheet error with tact. You aren’t losing your smartness; you are only getting better at your finance expertise with every challenge that arises in the organization. Why then consider age as a limitation for finding a suitable career in 40s? If you play your cards right, luck will favor you.

2.Keep Fit: Let’s face it: one thing that is bound to go down with age is your stamina. After all, you have spent half of your life slogging with endless amount of work. The pressure will finally begin to take a toll on you. Is there a way to keep active and fit for the sales profiles that you challenged yourself to take up when you were in your 20s and brimming with energy? Definitely! A good diet, an ability to manage stress and regular exercise will keep you fit enough to work 7 hours a day.

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3.Aim for the Right Fit: This career advice is for everybody including the twenty-somethings. When you aim correctly you fire correctly. Just because there is a job opportunity you don’t have to apply to it. State your requirement clearly (because of age you are likely willing to take a work from home job). Don’t resist this change. The market is brimming with lucrative options with flexible work hours and work from home options even for the Gen-Yers.

4.Be Realistic: Adjustment is a synonym of negotiation when it comes to finding a job. With an experience of more than a decade, you might have a better understanding of that fact. But you know you have to be realistic with your career aspirations. You will have to be flexible with the salary too; it is not a Gen-Y or Gen-X thing.

5.Strengthen Your Network: No doubt that by now you would have a met a number of influential people in the industry. With some of them you have managed to strike a friendship. Tactfully use the impression that you have on them to grow your network. The right people will tell you about being at the right place at the right time.

To wrap it up, corporations do need you. The younger lot needs to learn some management tricks and workplace ethics from the ones who were at their place at some point of time.

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