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Engaged Workforce

Employee engagement is a vast construct that touches almost all parts of human resource management facets we know hitherto. If every part of human resources is not addressed in appropriate manner, employees fail to fully engage themselves in their job in the response to such kind of management. The construct, engaged workforce is built on concepts like job satisfaction and employee commitment.

An engaged workforce is highly required for an organisation because engaged employees are emotionally attached to their organisation and highly involved in their job with a great enthusiasm for the success of their employer, going extra mile beyond the employment contractual agreement.

engaged workforce

Ensuring Generational Engagement: Gen X and Y

But, is there any kind of difference when it comes to dealing with Generation X and Generation Y in terms of an engaged workforce? How do employers engage millennials and Generation X and Y? What do they need to do to ensure that millennials remain completely engaged at the workplace?

Well, employers need to be a little more cautious while dealing with employee engagement with Gen X and Gen Y. They got to understand the psyche of the generation and then implement strategies accordingly.

Explained below are a few ways by which employers can choose to engage the younger generation. Take a look:

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#1. Recruit smartly

Be straightforward and honest while it comes to recruiting Generation X and Y. Make sure that you do not over promise and under deliver. Generation X and Y expect to be challenged and perform the type of work they have interest in; and they want to perform. Set clear expectations, clearly define goals and share organisational values along with beliefs from day one.

#2. Focus on meritocracy and not hierarchy

Gen X and Gen Y have particularly low tolerance level for political bureaucracy and do not buy the chain of command approach. They believe in open and honest communications. As an employer, if you really want to ensure an engaged workforce, out of these millennials, consider creating a workplace culture that is open and also offers some flattery to its employees.

#3. Sense of belongingness to the organisation

It is very important for Gen X and Gen Y to feel that that are a part of the organisation and their contribution matters to a great extent. They often seek careers that allow opportunities for social significance. Offer charity programs, allow time to volunteer and work on ways to connect the mission and values of the organisation to greater goods.

#4. Outside the box benefits

In order to create an engaged workforce out of Gen X and Gen Y, it’s very important to offer out of the box benefits. This generation enjoys the benefits that an organisation offers. As an employer do remember to offer substantial benefits to millennials. These may include, flexible work timings, work from home benefits, paid sabbaticals and much more. These will keep Gen Y and Gen X motivated and of course engaged to their workplace.

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#5. Offer work-life balance

Work-life balance is something that Gen Y and Gen X always looks for. Employers have to ensure that they excel in offering substantial work-life balance their Gen X and Gen Y employees. They want to devote time to their families, while at the same time ensure they are able to face and overcome the challenges at their workplace as well. This is why, it is very essential that employers are able to offer an absolute work-life balance.

#6. Make it fun

Yes, try and create a fun culture at workplace and this will automatically ensure a substantially engaged workforce and thereby make employees happy and engaged. Indulge in small activities in making your office culture much relaxed. This will definitely work towards making and keeping employees happy and they will be able to give their very best at the workplace.

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