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“Morals and ethics make a great leader.”

This phrase stands true for none other than the first and unforgettable freedom fighter. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who is popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi. He was persistent in his approach and taught us that violence is not the key to win over every battle. His leadership strategies were unique which is why CareerBuilder thought the of bringing forth the famous sayings of Mahatma Gandhi which teach what leaders should and should not do at all managerial levels.

1. “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”

It’s humanly difficult to be right consistently. Mistakes give people great lessons, and the consequence of failing is always harmful. A leader is often conscious of making mistakes, and in that process, his state of mind is always anxious. However, sometimes letting things just as they are allowed to be in a peaceful state of mind which would ultimately end up in deriving the best results in the organization.

2. “A leader is useless when he acts against the promptings of his conscience.”

Ever since one is labeled a leader, it is his responsibility to avoid any issues that are ethically and officially wrong. Standing up for wrong without thinking how the society would react was one of the key traits of Mahatma Gandhi. It was his pride to speak the right and fight for it instead of following the same crowd of cowards. No matter how small the situation is, the leader who fights for justice takes the responsibility to make things right is the one who is truly appreciated, valued and followed by peers, subordinates, and seniors.

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3. “Your belief will become your thought, your thought will become your word, your word will become your action, your action will become your habit, your habit will again become your value, and your values will ultimately become your destiny.”

This beautiful saying by Mahatma Gandhi falls true for every individual aspiring to be a leader or the one who is already leading a team of professionals. A genuine hallmark of a great leader is thinking twice before taking any action and leading a style that is based on moral values and not merely around organizational ones. One of the best leadership strategies that can be implemented by every leader is to be motivated by the thought that he or she has the potential to change the traditional use-up and make innovation the tool to create new histories in and outside the organization. The unquenchable faith in the mission becomes the ladder to overall organizational success.

4. “Action is stronger than words; Action expresses priorities.”

Indeed! Gandhi proved these words right. A leader can never become a source of inspiration and motivation for others until he shows results in the words he has uttered. For a leader, integrity comes with a commitment to words, and he must work on delivering results which his subordinates can take inspiration of.

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5. “Constant change is achieved through continuous learning.”

Change is the only constant in life. The above saying by Mahatma Gandhi teaches leaders to be always prepared for bringing and accepting changes in the organization. Whether it is about taking a new project in times of crisis or extension of the product category – try to maintain the personal dogmas and working towards constant learning is the true spirit of a great leader.

6. “If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.”

For Mahatma Gandhi, leadership never meant seriousness of work but the fun of working with individuals around. Sincerity for work is greater than gravity at work. A real leader must not suppress the elements of fun and laughter to illustrate his seriousness at work. People always get inspired by enthusiasm rather than fear. This would mean creating engagement for subordinates during, before and after work while maintaining the common goal in mind. A leader who says, ‘Let’s go’ instead of ‘Go!’ is the one who reaches out goals by taking his working family along and keeping them happy at all times.

Leaders Takeaway

A leader shows how things are done and does not instruct how people should work with and below him. It is then equally important that the team works as one and follows the leader as an inspiration to achieve the common goal. In the end, better workers lead to great leaders!

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