Recruitment automation strategy

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Automation has become an evident part in human resource sector. It has significantly minimized the efforts, time and resources put on achieving any challenging task. In fact, many of the HR activities which people never expected to be automated have majorly been influenced by technology and automation. Recruiting used to be a completely human operated business activity. However, in the contemporary world, automation has taken over a major section of recruiting actions.

Organisations which are using HR automation are significantly ready with their future automation strategy, and those who are not using any have already prepared to integrate automation to make HR activities swifter, especially recruiting.

Automation has provided us plenty of essential recruitment tools, used across multiple processes by the most revolutionary employers. Automated screening was sometimes regarded as emotionless and generic. Today, it is seen as an invaluable tool by a large number of recruiters dealing with ever growing figures of candidates. It enables them to focus their efforts and time on other more crucial parts of their business.

The bottom line is that integrating the right level of automation into recruitment practice delivers substantial advantages!

Subsequent points would highlight the value of future automation strategy in recruiting through the benefits it provides to the users:

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future automation strategy
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1. Keeps candidate experience Positive

These days, candidates have become more demanding. They always look for positive candidate experience wherever they apply for jobs. Neglecting positive candidate experience would create a huge loss to organizations. The consequences of a poor candidate experience would impact the future recruitment. Jobseekers/candidates have a moving characteristic, they won’t wait if the recruitment process is slow or obsolete or manual. Automation can support great candidate experience in many ways. Be it applying for a specific position, getting responses timely & speedily, screening the candidates faster or scheduling interviews, every process becomes quicker. These aspects of automation increase positive candidate experience.

2. Keeps Candidates Approachable

Recruitment automation facilitates organizations to get in continuous touch with possible hires, without needless human interaction. It adds value through various reminders and tools, empowering recruiters to concentrate on their other important business tasks. Automation prompts them to approach candidates at key stages whenever required.

3. Keeps Screening Paced up

Screening becomes smoother and clever. Various parameters can be integrated which help recruiters engage directly and find out the matching profiles. Once data is retrieved from the pool of applications and online interviews, automated recruitment tool search, sort and filter the best candidates in different layers. Then, recruiters can easily approach the most suited candidates. Line managers and recruiters are no longer searching through the piles of resumes. They can immediately start the recruitment process.

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4. Keeps the process Human

Automation transforms best recruitment practice into common practice. It structures the process, and keep it consistent. It provides objectivity to the activities associated to recruitment, rather diminishing the human factor, as its critics believe.

5. Keeps the Response Speedy

A great communication is a key to professional recruitment process! A large volume of applications makes recruiters restricted to update candidates as quickly as they would like. In a busy organization, response must be immediate. If response is not timely, candidates would simply feel ignored and go elsewhere. Automated tools enable organizations send replies quickly and reliably. Future automation strategy also help to shoot a personalized and well written email to the candidates. It improves candidate engagement via instant confirmation emails.

6. Keeps Process Handy

Automated e-recruitment tools or systems save money and time spent on scheduling interviews and assessments. The system schedules interviews and conducts assessment automatically. Candidates can easily book their own interviews as per the time slots available and their own convenience.

Organizations which have been too languid to adopt recruitment automation into their businesses are in danger of losing the best candidates. Automation facilitates organizations locate the right candidates for the right positions in the fastest way possible. It removes human errors. Implementation of future automation strategy encourages human interaction when it’s really important. It reduces cost and increases efficiency and consistency. It generates real-time reports. Video interviewing and self-scheduling are some of the features of automated recruitment process making hiring a cakewalk!

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