Employers face unusual circumstances when conducting job interviews, some of them turn out to be utterly funny and rib-tickling while others are bizarre, weird, unnatural or simply dumb. Here are some of the collected experiences of directors and management heads, of top companies taking job interviews with prospective employees.



– A job applicant challenged the interviewer to an arm wrestle.

– Interviewee wore a Walkman, explaining that she could listen to the interviewer and the music at the same time.

– Candidate fell and broke arm during interview.

– Candidate announced she hadn’t had lunch and proceeded to eat a hamburger and fries in the interviewer’s office.

– When asked about her long term goal, candidate explained that her long-term goal was to replace the interviewer.

– Candidate said he never finished high school, because he was kidnapped and kept in a closet in Mexico.

– A bald candidate excused himself and returned to the office a few minutes later wearing a headpiece.

– Applicant said if he was hired he would demonstrate his loyalty by having the corporate logo tattooed on his forearm.

– Applicant refused to sit down and insisted on being interviewed standing up.

– Candidate dozed off during interview.


Find below some of the most unusual questions that candidates asked their prospective employers during job interviews-

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“What is it that you people do at this company?”

“Why aren’t you in a more interesting business?”

“What are the zodiac signs of all the board members?”

“Why do you want references?”

“Do I have to dress for the next interview?”

“I know this is off the subject, but will you marry me?”

“Will the company move my rock collection from California to Maryland?”

“Does your health insurance cover pets?”

“Would it be a problem if I’m angry most of the time?”

“Does your company have a policy regarding concealed weapons?”

“Do you think the company would be willing to lower my pay?”

“Why am I here?”


Here are some weird statements made by job seekers at interviews-

“I have no difficulty in starting or holding my bowel movement.”

“At times I have the strong urge to do something harmful or shocking.”

“Sometimes I feel like smashing things.”

“Women should not be allowed to drink in cocktail bars.”

“I am fascinated by fire.”

“I like tall women.”

“People are always watching me.”

“If I get too much change in a store, I always give it back.”

“I must admit that I am a pretty fair talker.”

“I never get hungry.”

“I think I’m going to throw-up.”


Have you committed these bloopers in your job interviews? Or do you have any interview stories to share?


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