Success is the new fashion statement. Every person wants to wear the success hat and flaunt it too. And, like fashion, success is not a one-size which fits all commodities. So if you try to fit into someone else’s idea of accomplishment, you’ll end up looking like one big fool faltering all the way. The irony is that there are far too many ways to falter than to get success right. Here are a few things that you must get right about success, TODAY!


There is a Defined Route: So your parents have been preaching a conventional norm all the way into your mid-twenties and you somehow find yourself freaking out at another new theory that they roll your way. Panic-struck folk you are probably right! There is no defined path to success. You need to keep changing your course with time.

You Know the Best: Now just because no one knows what your path to success it THAT doesn’t mean that you can do it on your own. Success is not just a word. It’s a state or experience that means much more than scoring well in exams or hitting a goal. You’ll need people at every step – probably even with defining success for you.

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It’s Too Stressful a Notion: Fear the idea of being a known face, company or entity? Fear the green eyes that will end up eating your personal life once you’ve reached the top of the ladder? Stop perceiving success as a cortisol releasing factor. See it as blissful. If you fear it, the demon will eat into you, making you look like a ghost living in the fear of future. Fearing success translates into setting unrealistic goals. Success need not be uncomfortable.

You Don’t Get a Second Shot at It: Don’t take EMINEM too seriously when he raps about ONLY ONE OPPORTUNITY, JUST ONE SHOT. That’s probably the biggest mistake anyone can commit on his path to success. You can take as many shots to success as want. No giving up!

For you, success could be anything: shedding those extra kilos, finally getting a rented space for your boutique, or simply being able to propose someone – the only truth about success is that it comes to those who try.


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