In this post, we have Sairee Chahal, Co-Founder, Fleximoms, talking about how entrepreneurs can stay focused on the big picture. Fleximoms works towards creating, enhancing and co-creating workflex opportunities for women professionals. 


Film making and start-ups are wonderfully similar. In both, one is constantly trying to imagine the big picture while assembling elements of detail. In both, there are moments of cheer and there are ones of despair. Timelines of start-ups are like a play in light and shadow. Film making follows a script, whereas entrepreneurial ventures have business plans, only scripted one detail at a time. The constant challenge of keeping the big picture and small detail together is common to both.

So while I am not qualified to comment on film making, my journey of work and life has put me face-to-face with some big-picture-tiny-detail challenges. Have to confess, most could have been handled better or differently in hindsight. So, here I am, sharing some learnings from my ‘eye on the big picture and hands on the small detail’ adventures.


You don’t have to start out as an expert. You just have to start. Start-ups are like that. They are a giant experiment in taking things one step at a time, while replaying the big dream track in your mind all day. Play keeping in mind who you are in this scenario. Are you the dreamer, the pied piper, the work horse at work – irrespective of anything else, this is your project, with a large piece of who you are embedded in it. Once you are at it, what works for you will begin to sort itself out before you. 

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Internalize your purpose. Something made you start-up. Something got you excited. Something made you sit up and take notice. Revisit that moment, what was the defining vision of that time, what prompted the enthusiasm? The conversation you had with yourself while setting out can be a great radar for your entrepreneurial journey. Revisit your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BiHAG) often. Whatever takes you there – solitude, music, conversing with a mentor, or just reopening some draft documents you made early on. Your purpose is your GPS to the big picture of what you wanted in the first place. Keep that connection on.

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