Flipkart’s Deferment Episode- Tips for Candidates to Handle Counter-Offers

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It is a helplessness among graduates to wait for 6 months despite getting an offer letter as happened with Flipkart. The e-commerce brand deferred the joining dates for IIM-A graduates for six months.

Confronting an awful scene of disappointment amongst the selected candidates, Flipkart offered Rs. 1.5 lakh as an additional joining bonus to all its campus recruits. The sole reason behind the delay of on-boarding graduates is that the association is experiencing a structural reformation and henceforth it needs its new candidates to experience the best of Flipkart’s experience. However, by offering the joining bonus Flipkart has proved that it is one of those few organizations to have offered such a sum to help the hires overcome the financial weight they have after graduation.

Flipkart’s Deferment Episode- Tips for Candidates to Handle Counter-Offers

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 What has been the impact of Flipkart’s Deferment of Grads Episode?

Flipkart’s step to postpone the joining dates may have suffered a certain loss like students dropping out on their own, but has been a profitable experience for rival startups including Paytm, Amazon and Voonik. These companies are keen on hiring the candidates who were hired at Flipkart and are ready to make them join from early August. 45 IIM students hired at Flipkart are also actively seeking alternative options. Recruiters have hence taken active steps to bring these candidates on board at the earliest where candidates are also finding hope over dissatisfaction, which they had to face with the delay in joining dates with Flipkart. The disappointment is deep but the opportunities can never fade off with skilled talent.

How Candidates can Handle Counter Offers? – Tips from HR

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Not having the choice to join, failure to pay back education loan, feeling like unemployed for six months and in particular sitting idle at home are some of the worst feelings, which dampen most candidates particularly fresh graduates. In circumstances like ‘Flipkart Episode’, many students wonder if they will really be joining after 6 months and that shaky feeling tends to kill them. Here the HR experts bring you some of the great tips to overcome job fear and manage counter offers in any of such tricky circumstances:

  • Think What you are Leaving Behind

It was a tough decision as you thought long about what path you must take. But, if you have made up your own mind to leave then make sure it helps you progress. You would find many companies standing with an offer letter in hand with possibly an immediate joining as well. Give a second thought whether your wait for the already joined company is worth to work for a brand or financial responsibilities and job insecurity is calling you more. For a graduate, it is significant to have a good experience with a good company over job security as the opportunities for grads to grow are endless. If a brand has promised to make you join after a certain date, wait to experience the difference after the delay. Ponder over your needs at the beginning of your career. Is it the money? Is it the company? Is it the work culture? Or is it the job security?

  • Startups Are a Good Way to Start
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Many grads are anxious about joining a startup considering a job risk associated.  Heard about Paytm, Zomato, MobikWik, and Myntra? All these brand names were once struggling startups. Employers of these organizations have devoted their heart and soul into making these companies the top-notch brands of today, which help you find the best restaurant, pay your household bills online, recharge within flip of seconds or shop anything or everything from the comfort of your home. Thus, believe that startups have evolved to create abundant opportunities to candidates. The best part about joining a startup as a counter-offer is you get to work with young entrepreneurs who welcome new ideas, allow freedom of creativity and on top of that, they believe in your skills. As far as stability is concerned, organizations – new or old, are always in hunt for its best players. If you think you have those abilities to master the role, accepting an offer letter from a startup brand is a good choice to make.

  • Reject Politely

If you are to refuse an offer letter, then make sure you do it graciously. Whether it is the current company from where you just received an offer or the new company that is calling you to join them at an earlier date, there is no requirement of burning any kind of bridges. Realize that you may have to work with the same manager again in the future. Therefore, make a rejection on a polite note so that you, as an individual talent, is remembered wherever you stay and work.

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While, the Flipkart news about postponing its graduates has created an environment of frustration among candidates, it is never the end of the road. Your career graph is too wide to wait for another 6 months or join a company that has something better to offer. “Acting mindful always helps when situations like these tend to bring you down.”


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