women empowerment

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“Without a supportive organisation behind me, I would have dropped out by now,” says senior manager at one of the leading MNCs and also one of the women on the program. “The pressure of family gets intense as you go up the ladder. And it’s always women who do the heavy lifting.”

Agreeing with her, even I believe that to climb the ladder easily, a supportive organization plays an important role. Flexible work hours or work from home policies make life easy to a great extent. Here HR’s have a major role to play to let the employees be the part of supportive organization.

women empowerment

To create a strategy for a flexible, supportive work environment, one that will be comprehensive and lasting is no doubt the need of hour which will definitely stay for long. Doing this will not just transform the culture but would also serve the needs of both employer & employee.

What is to be done:

Never forget that there is no one-size-fits-all plan to ensure success; you have to customize it to company’s needs and culture. Work redesign is also a possible solution. You may hold seminars on occasions and stress management sessions, along with serious implementation of flexible work arrangements. Other possibilities can be more health and wellness initiatives; financial and retirement counseling; mentoring, dependent care resource and referral; services of a geriatric care manager.

So, another great way to combat the situation of talent crunch and see diversity at the workplace is by inducing required changes in the organization’s policy.

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