women empowerment

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women empowerment

Here we move ahead with another solution to help the women not pick the option of quitting career at mid level. Till now, three things, that we have discussed includes: Developing Career identity, nurturing the confidence, and Looking beyond ‘either or’. Another thing that would help women take better decision is proper mentorship and personal development.

Not just women, but even men are so much busy with their work life that they hardly get time to invest on their own. However, merely by investing time on oneself this situation can be sorted.

A professor, who is doing research on diversity in organizations, also noted, “Women very rarely get to speak to senior women in other sector. Men have their networking methods, but women mostly rush back home for their caregiver duties.”

To make things workout, you need a mentor to learn. Mentorship is an opportunity to really learn from someone who’s been there before you. You need someone who can share what worked well for them, someone with whom you can share what worked well for you and what didn’t work well. There are numerous mentorship stories that tell how amazingly it helps.

Also, there is not just one mentor that a woman needs. Instead there are three different types of mentors.

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A mentor of same age as you

This mentorship relationship is with a person whom you connect well with and can learn from. He probably is of your same age and is going through the same phase as you are going. It’s a helpful way to mentor and get mentored.

2 or 4 years older than you

This is someone who had been through the situation that you are currently going through. If they have already been through the situation, then they are the best person to advice you.

Much senior than you

A much older person has much more experience and has a broadened view about a particular situation. These are the best people to get objective advice especially about a situation that is connected with some emotion.

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