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Even if you find the right Talent, parsing all the respective fields in an organised database is a difficult task. With Talentstream Resume parsing you can Search, Sort, and Select Candidates… All from the Same Screen”. It is a pit stop to cater to all your Parsing requisites.

Success in the staffing industry is influenced by your ability to fill the pipeline with new job requirements continually, recruit the best talent, and meritoriously match the two. Paper-based, manual processes and inadequate, existing conventional recruitment system may be getting in your way of your true potential for success.

In a modern work world that counts on-speed to find top talent and fill an open job position, cumbersome and manual legacy systems make it challenging to grow and manage your business’s profitability.

And, this is where a need for an efficient recruitment software emerges that can reduce hours of manual work of recruiters in sorting and matching the stacks of resume with every open job position.

Investing in a comprehensive recruitment solution may not be such feasible idea at present, but spending a fraction of your investment on “resume parser” can make a huge difference in your overall recruitment strategy in driving profitable results.

What is resume parsing?

Resume Parsing is a technology that permits you to process online free-form resumes/CV into structured information suitable for storage and reporting. It assists recruiters to manage efficiently electronic resume received via the internet.

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The unparalleled advantage of using a resume parser

Notwithstanding, how applications enter the system, a resume parsing tool warrants that manual data entry is cut to a minimum – beneficial for both recruiters and applicants.

For a start CV parsing on your job board or career site that automatically identifies and extracts information such as first name, last name, years of experience and qualifications, etc. from the resume document.

Additionally, provide candidates with easy, one-click, mobile-friendly application process.

For incoming applications, the resume parser also inventively complements Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and other HR systems.

Talentstream Resume Parsing

  Manage the right resource to the right job

Talentstream Resume Parsing offers unsurpassed multilingual CV parsing feature, semantic search and sourcing tools to improve and accelerate the process of matching the right resource (candidate) to the right job at minimal time and cost.

The goal of resume parser is not merely to find a resource for a job – it is to discover the best talent for a job. It carries extensive search and match competencies that make easier for recruiters to find the right candidate for any open job position based on locations, experience, and skills.

What capabilities does Talentstream Resume Parsing offer?

  1. Machine learning,
  2. Semantic technology, and
  3. Artificial Intelligence,

Make it your ideal technology partner. It can be used as a locally installed (on-site) or web-based application (in the cloud).

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It is a software which amalgamates information in the resume and analyses them in a way that you have the same outcome you desired for.

1. EXTRACT – Job Parsing

The Extract – It is a highly accurate parsing software, is continually being improved and fine-tuned to deliver advanced data extraction.

Extract! CV parsing impeccably integrates into the back-end of any ATS or CRM and can be added to the front-end of your career site through the “Apply with” widget.

The data extracted from resume/CV or social profiles can be customized according to your requirements or database fields of your existing recruitment system. You can then put together an optimum CV database ideal for sourcing, analysis, and reporting.


Find the right jobs and candidates in your database and external resources

by using  semantic search technology that goes Beyond Keyword Search and locates what you are looking for, not what you type. The semantic search function increases the chance of finding the most suitable candidates.

It also empowers you to use One Search task for sourcing multiple databases and social sites.


Sourcebox facilitates you to automate the processing of large volumes of CV/resume. All job applications are spontaneously collected and primed for the relevant recruiter. The resumes can be assessed and processed rapidly. Thus, delivers a substantial time saving.

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–    All the applications received at central location

–    Split-screen display provides efficient profile control

Recruiters and key staff can leverage the exemplary features of Talentstream Resume Parsing focused on providing simple, highly configurable and actionable user experience combined with productivity enhancers to drive concrete business results.

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