Fidel Castro

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On 25h November 2016, the revolutionary Cuban leader, Fidel Castro (1926-2016) breathed his last. Needless to say that, with his death an era in socialist revolution of Latin America came to an end. He is known as a fierce revolutionary who fought political and commercial influences of the United States of America (USA) in Cuba.

He met the Argentinian Marxist leader Che Guevara (1928–1967) in Mexico (1955) and was highly influenced by the latter’s political thoughts. The duo designed the political philosophies and military strategies in Cuba after Castro’s rebel forces launched the revolution in December 1958.

Fidel Castro not only succeeded in transforming Cuba into a completely socialist state, but also stood firm against US for over four decades. It is only a few years back that the US lifted all sanctions over Cuba.

The CareerMuse takes a look into the life of this charismatic leader and tries to unearth certain leadership lessons for modern-day business managers. Here’s look:

Fidel Castro
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#1. Meticulous planning before anything else

“It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action”

The fact that Castro had the conviction and the guts to stand up against   US for decades, speaks volume about his valor and of course planning, that ultimately led him to successfully launch a socialist government in Cuba.

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Tips for managers: No matter how big the task is for you, always have faith in yourself backed with proper planning. If the proper planning is in place, execution will happen with ease.

#2. Be confident and have faith

“Destiny produces the man for the hour”

Often too much time is spent in planning and on the other hand, the real scenario turns out to be different. Despite planning, Castro’s first revolution failed. But he did not give up and in his second guerilla attempt, he succeeded in overthrowing the Batista government in 1959.

Tips for managers: Uncertainties are bound to happen in the corporate world. But a leader has to be strong enough to fight back and come up with innovative ideas to beat the odds. Be confident, have faith in yourself, and let it ripe on the D-Day.

#3. Know your target audience well

“Liberators do not exist; people liberate themselves”

Fidel Castro realized it early that in the long run nobody can force a huge mass to do one’s will. Hence it is very important to understand what you target audience wants and then give them the same.

Tips for managers: Managers must understand that authority comes with a lot of responsibility as well and this comprises, a manager being responsible for his team. It is important that a manager connects with his team well, understands them and hence create an amiable work environment.

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#4. Have strong faith in your values and beliefs

“Condemn me, it does not matter. History will absolve me.”

This statement, definitely holds true for Fidel Castro today. Once vehemently condemned in his own country and by the US, eventually he succeeded in his mission by transforming Cuba into a socialist country. Needless to say that it was strong faith and conviction, that he was able to move mountains.

Tips for managers: While you hold a senior position, many will try to question your beliefs, condemn you for your faiths. You will definitely have enemies who will try to pull you down. But, do not ever bend away from your beliefs and values. Once you believe strongly in yourself, a time will come when your team will start believing in you. Their win is yours, This will ultimately lead to your success.

#5. Communication is the key to any venture

“Communism is for the masses; Capitalism for the bosses”

From his quotations its very evident that Castro was a great   orator. His words had the power to put the masses  to silence. Speech has the power to mould the thoughts of millions. Fidel Castro knew it very well.

Tips for managers: Managers must master the communication at best, if not the power or oration. The more lucid they are with their communicative prowess; more influence he will have on his or her team. In the corporate world, effective communication is the key to get work done.

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While this great leader is no more amongst us, his thoughts and beliefs will continue to shape our futures in the professional and the personal life. Castro was correct when he said:

“History will absolve me”.

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