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While the aspect of employer branding continues to intensify with each passing day, advertising solutions for employers happen to be the tool with which the former try to influence consumers and tap talent.

While understanding and exploiting consumer behaviour and human psychology has been the basis for advertising solutions opted by employers, things these days have started to change drastically. Gone are the days when employers through their advertisements would simply try to promote their products as against existing competitors in the market.

However, these days, the concept has changed and since the advent of corporate social responsibility, organizations have begun implementing the same in their employer branding efforts.

Today, an increasing number of companies are resorting to the idea of creating pro-female ads to catch up with the latest trend of feminism that is sweeping across India. The same advertising industry that once “objectified” women, have taken a U-Turn and has been attracting the attention of female consumers and is making them feel “understood and valued”. This phenomenon of employing feminism as an advertising tool has been labelled as ‘femvertising’.

Simply put, ‘femvertising’ is the use of feminist epitomes by brands to sell their products. Reconnoitering of feminist issues, fabrication of women’s stories, demonstration of female protagonists and promotion of pro-female messages— all of this when done by advertisers results in what we call ‘femvertising’.

The ads going viral nowadays, like Dove’s ‘Let’s Break The Rules of Beauty’ or Anouk’s ‘Bold Is Beautiful – The Visit’ ad depicting a lesbian couple, are some examples of femvertising done right.


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Interestingly today, Indian organizations are leveraging the concept of ‘femvertising’ in order to promote employer branding. While some creative directors believe that femvertising is the perfect blend of selling goods, setting a great employer branding example and at the same time empowering women, it can also be seen as a tool to attract talent comprising the female quotient.

Nike’s campaign titled ‘Da Da Ding’ garnered over 2.8 million views on YouTube within one week of its publishing. Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign “packed an emotional punch that quickly sent it viral: within a week of its release, more than 15 million people had watched it online,” reports The Guardian.

However, do you honestly believe if femvertising was not about creating huge profile-raising and recognition chances, ultimately resulting in an increase in the sales growth, the brands would still continue to address women’s issues for the sake of empowerment? Well. That wouldn’t have been probably the case.

So, why the need for femvertising to promote a brand? Is it really for changing times or its just another employer branding strategy?

Well, after decades of objectifying women employers and advertisers realized that that they have only been catering to one of their consumer groups — men, while another group, almost equally as large — women, remains unaddressed. And how could they hope to influence female consumers while objectifying them in their ads? Hence the advent of femvertising!

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And now, organizations are all set to capitalize on this very aspect of femvertising and using it as advertising solution. Needless to say that, today femvertising has started acting as a strong employer branding tool for organizations.

However, whatever be the motive behind femvertising – whether it is about simply empowering women, a chose advertising solution for employers or a smart branding solutions strategy, employers are definitely basking in its glory.





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