Anyone who has completed graduation and has been working in an industry of his or her choice for the past 3 years would know that it takes a lot more than knowledge to win a job. Apparently, Darwin’s theory on survival of the fittest works everywhere including the office space. You have to fight, bow, adapt and be flexible enough to emerge as a survivor in your career. However, it is also of utmost importance to score well on a number of equations. CareerBuilder India familiarizes you with the valuable quotients that you should consistently pay heed, to for overall improvement of your career.

1. Intelligence Quotient: While there may be no reason for you to doubt your IQ, and, given that your Engineering job leaves you with little logic to question it, you think you don’t need an IQ test. Reality check: you do! The test will give you an insight into aspects in which you score considerably high as well as on those that need improvement. Ultimately, it is the IQ which will determine your efficiency and productivity at work.

2. Emotional Quotient: Contrary to what the majority of people believe, the emotional quotient does not merely entail how well you blend in or maintain cordial relations at the work place. Those who have even a little interest in HR know that emotional quotient is all about “Self”. So it is more about how you maintain a balanced outlook or how you approach a task. On a scale of 5 if someone scores a 3 in an EQ test, he or she is probably the best employee you can have on the team.

3. Relationship Quotient: Above anything, an organization is an entity build by individuals and the relationships that they create among themselves. Yes, you got that absolutely right! Your relationship quotient (with peers) determines the amount and the extent of willingness that you exhibit in establishing healthy interpersonal relationships. A good score on that one means that you are an excellent team player who understands organizational commitments.

4. Loyalty Quotient: With job-hopping becoming the new normal, organizations find it extremely difficult to find talent that will respect the training costs that are associated with hiring them. The loyalty quotient has, therefore, gained much importance in contemporary times. That said, companies are also not looking to hire those who score very well on an LQ test. Reason? They consider LQ toppers as clingy and desperate.

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5. Fun Quotient: Why would they even like to know that? You may ask. Well, there are two main reasons. Firstly, they are trying to figure out your personality and what is likely to affect it. Secondly, they are thinking of methods to retain you. Another possible reason could be that they want to know whether you qualify as a “cultural-fit”. The twist with a “fun-quotient” test is that you can’t decide whether scoring low on it is good or bad. It really depends on the type of company in which you work or are willing to work with.

Nowadays, a number of organizations have reinvented their recruitment tests. The traditional “written followed by an interview” does not work any more. So don’t be surprised if the next interview you take starts at 8.00 am and keeps you busy till 8.00 p.m.

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