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The productivity of a workplace depends on a lot of the office culture. How an organization keeps its employees engaged and motivated, is what matters in the long run. In times such as these, when employees tend to quit a job every two years’, its all the more important that organisations resort to engage in some fun activities so as to promote employee motivation and engagement.

India is multicultural land with hosts of festivals celebrated round the year. Holi or the Festival of Colours is one such event. So, how can workplaces in India, utilise this festival of colours to indulge in activities and promote employee engagement?

Let’s take a look:

Holi is celebrated sometime in early March that officially, ushers in the Spring Season. Since it is played with colours – both dry and liquid and often involves drunken revelries, it’s often viewed as the Indian version of the Western Carnival festivals. Though this festival is despised by some (particularly in the workplace) owing to it’s somewhat carnivalesque nature, Holi can be positively celebrated at workplaces, with certain restrictions.

What can the HR Department do this Holi for Employee Engagement?


#1. Have a dress code

Well, the simplest idea to start with is to have a dress code for the day. Traditionally, holi has been played wearing white dress – maybe it’s better to colour someone who is dressed in white. White T-Shirts with some funny, Holi-related slogans can be a good idea. How about hanging on to a slogan like – Holi Hai, Drink Bhang & Save Water, The Big Bhang Theory and much more. And do remember to tell employees to come all decked up.

#2. Workstation décor

Bright colours always have a positive effect and boost an employee’s mood. Therefore, decorating workplaces can be a good idea to promote employee engagement. You can use some dried flowers or decorative papers to deck up employees’ workstations. And try to keep this as a surprise. So, when they come to office in the morning, they are not only surprised but also feel rejuvenated on seeing some beautiful decors.

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#3. Sponsor a lunch/potluck

Sponsoring a delicious lunch from the office can be a good idea to promote employee engagement in the workplace. The HR department can send mail the previous announcing that lunch would sponsor from office, on the occasion of Holi.

On the other hand, if you want to be somewhat more creative, you can arrange for a potluck lunch. Each employee can bring a dish of his or her choice, and the entire office can come together over lunch. Don’t forget the thandai and the gujiya. Save the bhang pakodas for the after-Holi party.

#4. Plan for a photo shoot

How about making Holi celebrations a day to remember? So, organise a photo shoot for the employees in the office. You can choose to set up a small photo booth in an open area. Employees can assemble there and get their pictures clicked. Or, the other way to celebrate it is, have a blank wall, stand against it along with various props such as—rainbow wigs, colorful hats, oversized sunglasses, and colorful streamers and boards to hang up—will make for stunning visuals during your photo shoot.

Make use of the festival of colours as much as possible to bring all employees together and promote a sense of team bonding and oneness among them.

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