Encourage Employee Engagement This Diwali

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Diwali celebrations for companies isn’t just confined to gifts and bonuses, in fact human resource department is utilizing this festive time to encourage their teams to build healthy relations with employee engagement activities. Many organizations have separate employee engagement team to ensure that entire company celebrates big festivals together. After all engaged employees foster collaboration, performance and team spirit.

Encourage Employee Engagement This Diwali
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Few Amazing Team Engagement Ideas:

Diwali celebration in office gives a perfect excuse for building team spirit as people from all the departments actively participate and thus are able to network and get to know more about each other and the company. Here are few employee engagement activities you can plan for your teams:

  • Workspace Decoration Competition:

Asking employees to decorate workspace according to Diwali theme not just sparks festive spirit but enhances team bonding and innovation too as different teams would brainstorm together and decorate their workplace in the most innovative manner.

  • Flash Mob:

Nothing can cheer up your employees like a good flash mob. When suddenly few employees start dancing to music to entertain and surprise others, it would be extreme fun. Pick few fun loving employees, who love to groove and make others have fun. Let them prepare for a 5 minutes surprise performance for the day when you would be celebrating Diwali in office.

  • Caricaturist competition
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Give a chance to your employees to draw caricature of their coworkers and enjoy the fun. Highlighting prominent features like hawk nose, mustache, hairstyle of the coworkers will be fun to see. Also, this activity would develop artistic skills of the employees.

  • Earn your favorite seat:

Make it a great occasion for your employees by allowing them choose their favorite workstation. Organize few games or competition in which a person can either win or lose his favorite seat. For few people workstation matters a lot, and getting a chance to sit on their favorite workstation can make them more productive (according to a research).

  • Bizzare Bazaar

Organize a ‘bizarre bazaar’ and allow employee to show off their skills as well as sell their handcrafted products/items.

  • Create creativity contest

Put few items like glitters, cardboards, scissors, dry leaves, matchsticks, or any random thing in a bag and give them to different teams playing the contest. They would have to use these items for creating a unique product that is related to ‘Diwali’.


While planning fun activities for Diwali celebration in office, you also need to take care of safety and discipline. Here are few things to remember while planning activities:

Sensitivity of co-workers:

Any action or activity should not hurt emotions of your coworkers or employees. During festive celebration, people get into fun mood and sometime forget about others sensitivity and emotions. To enjoy the occasion, make sure this doesn’t happen.

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Considering concerns and restrictions around allergies:

Few people are allergic to smoke from firework or from colors of rangoli. While celebrating Diwali, make sure you consider concerns and restrictions of your employees.

Fire safety:

Be extra cautious with lighting diyas or candles, and during fireworks. If your office has smoke detectors, then you may prefer unlit diyas. For fireworks as well, choose an open space outside office like unoccupied parking space to ensure everyone’s safety.

Office and building rules:

Maintaining decorum is one another important aspect to consider. One has to keep the workplace discipline in mind and plan the activities that don’t disturb the decorum of office or the building.

Hope this blog would have given you ideas for what you should plan for Diwali. And as you know happiness is contagious, try to make this Diwali a happy Diwali for your employees.

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