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When we discuss recruitment process; social networks, referrals, job boards are some of the best methodologies to search candidates. However, when we correctly analyze why candidates are still not appearing in job interviews, it is usually because of some major blunders employers make in job advertisements

Henceforth, as an employer you must know why some job ads just do not work and how you can ensure those mistakes are not repeated in future employers advertising services:

1. The Ad is DIFFICULT to Read

When you assess a candidate’s resume, you need it to be concise and efficient so you can rapidly scan it. Job-seekers have the same desires from employers. In case your job ad is verbose or disorganized, the best candidate may completely rejects it considering it to be overloaded and hard to read on the first go.

Here, the finest approach to get a job seeker’s consideration, is by sorting out the advertisement into sections along with subheadings. Start each section of the job ad with a concise introduction and then put forward the easy-to-comprehend list of details.

2. The Ad is Too Much of Everything

Job seekers do appreciate and become interested in advertisements, which lure them the most. Whether it is about the content, description, style of text, animation, or the design; applicants are too looking out for jobs, which appeal to their eyes. However, this needs to be well comprehended by employers who overdo everything they have done in their job posting. Intense use of design, text, colors or fonts may only annoy an experienced job-seeker looking out for a senior position and the efforts may just go into vain.

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3. The Ad is missing OUT on a Relevant Title

Irrelevant job titles are often posted by employers at startups or small-sized organizations. In particular cases, the open position includes a blend of required critical skills in various other jobs as well. Entrepreneurs proceeding towards employer branding must not overlook to post only the appropriate titles in their job ads to create that lasting impression on potential candidates. In such an event, the marketing and advertising team of the organization plays a crucial role in scratching out catchy titles, which are directly related to the vacancy posted on the job ad and do not carry any irrelevant stuff.

4. The Ad doesn’t sufficiently offer Details

Candidates do not wish to contribute their time applying for positions that lack necessary details about the job. For instance, many job advertisers, HR consultants, hiring managers, recruiters and even employers miss out giving interview locations, time of interview, contact details, job requirements, and similar essentials in the job ads. This becomes the most annoying point of a candidate where in s/he decides not to spend further time on knowing about the open position. These misfortunes can be saved if the job ads include all the desired details.

5. The Ad DOesn’t Mention the Application Process Clearly

One of the biggest mistakes a company’s hiring manager, employer, or marketer of jobs could make is failing to outline the application process to the job-seeker. Companies must realize that job ads are like a sales pitch, which need a call to action statement. Through the job ad, candidates must know how they need to apply, where they need to upload their resume, where they need to meet.

Hiring process is challenging, but there are such self-made slip-ups, which once controlled can make the rest of the recruitment process less demanding and smooth. By rolling out little changes to employers advertising services, employers can ensure every interview a hiring achievement.

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