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Hiring prodigious people for the organization has been crucial for HR ever since the Industrial Revolution took place. However, approaches of drawing top talent have advanced over the recent time. Being enlisted in the, ‘Best Places to Work”, topping the positive reviews at websites such as ‘Glassdoor’ and having the maximum followership on LinkedIn is all great however, it is still challenging to create a pragmatic impression in the eyes of the potential candidates and employees at the same time. In the present digital world, conventional strategies to attract talent do not suffice to maintain a competitive advantage. Entrepreneurs must leverage the multimedia opportunities for employer branding that can not only help them reach out to desired talent but also create an incredible space in the mind of existing employees, clients and customers.

Unfolded underneath are the top 8 examples of great recruiting videos that employers can take inspiration from:

1. Gorilla – ‘Illustrate Work Culture’

Gorilla, the e-commerce venture through this video does not emphasize on the products or jobs it has on offer but the work culture it upholds. This way the company gives its viewers a great opportunity to create a perspective on their system and work culture, which further helps in their decision-making process to associate.

2. Apple – ‘Show Differentiation’

Apple, through this recruitment video, takes leverage of the acceptance of its wide range of products. The brand knows why its products drive eye balls of the crowd and so it provides prospective candidates an insight as to how those high-end products are designed. Job-seekers are always on a look-out for innovation and Apple masters the art of attracting them.

3. The Shoe Company – ‘Showcase Employee Reviews’

By displaying employees’ first-hand review about the business, The Shoe Company actually proves how smartly it drives potential candidates to their brand. This way of employer branding is easy, suffices to persuade people to work and also creates a sense of personal connection by showing the happy emotions of employees at the workplace.

4. Hubspot – ‘Go Deep into the Sea’

Through this video, Hubspot, the software company takes recruitment visuals to an entirely new level. It displays how the actual working environment of the company is like. This gives an idea to the potential candidates as to what working with the brand would be like. The unique technique is perfect for employer branding.

5. Google – ‘Display the Uniqueness of working with the brand’

Google utilizes the power of videos by showcasing the unique benefits offered to its employees. Strolling through the video, potential candidates can have a gander at the exciting projects that are assigned to employees. Highlighting the core strengths of the company is Google’s way of employer branding and recruiting the finest talent from the globe.

6. Twitter

Twitter recruiting video is more focused on employer branding over recruiting as the company feels that potential candidates crave to know what it is like to work for Twitter. Twitter makes it clear in the video that even the executives at the workplace have an attitude called, ‘let’s not take ourselves too seriously’. This is awesome! This video displays how the company values its employees and promotes work life balance, ultimately driving candidates, clients and customers.


The company is always stiff on competition for attracting, as well as, retaining top talent. KPMG’s recruiting video clearly illustrates their community service program, which is unique and gives an opportunity to potential candidates to understand how it has transformed into a recognized brand.


8. Yahoo

Yahoo always believes in allowing its employees to foster their personal interests through their work. This is highlighted in the video by Yahoo that makes the company a great example in how it attracts top talent and how it retains the present workforce.

These were sample illustrations from brands as well as, start-ups who work on inspiring principles and make recruitment an exciting adventure. Taking lessons from these recruiting videos will help recruiters to drive talent more mindfully, HR experts to retain talent in an engaging way and employers to enhance their employer branding endeavors.

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