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Recruiters admit that it is a challenge to recruit the creamy layer of talent / millennial. Millennials are not just ‘me, me, and me generation’; they are rather the master learners and researchers, so to bring them on board is really important.

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Here lies a challenge for the recruiters. Obviously, those five liner job descriptions with a list of few important pointers are just not enough to talk about your company’s awesomeness. Well, it’s at least not what millennial are looking forward to.

Here, I am sharing 3 workable ways for beating the struggle to hire millennials and brand your company the right way:

Gain Millenial’s trust: Millennials prefer to take informed decisions. They just don’t spend time on social media, they also invest their time in curating information on various elements happening in and around their life. So, recruiting team is required to get in action to build a comprehensive platform where applicants can find the details. Share case studies, ‘on-the-job’ guides, write-ups in the press, or employee testimonials online, which candidates can look at and make better decisions about joining or not joining.

Give them opportunities: Millennials are categorized as being ambitious so they are in hunt of challenges that give them opportunity to prove their skills. They fail on the level of patience, so they look forward to achieve their goals quickly. Frame your job descriptions in a way that would tell them about the work culture at their company and what can they expect from it. Talk about the opportunities that they would get by working with you.

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Don’t exaggerate: It’s true that video job descriptions are doing wonders but don’t forget to keep up with the truth. Probability is that you might exaggerate about certain facts in order to lure Gen Y, but this would harm you in the long run (retention). Be real, talk about what actually you expect from the employees and that would help them in their career. So the mantra is to be real and not to exaggerate.

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