Employees Work Style­ : Then & Now (Infographics)

Over the years, the working style of employees has changed drastically. Working style basically involves the needs of the employees that they want in their organization to work effectively. Companies that wish to remain competitive, needs to implement certain changes in their organization and in the ways of its management on a frequent basis. In today’s dynamic workplace culture, change is inevitable. It can greatly impact the motivation level of the employees towards their job.

In the infographic, titled Employees Work Style­: Then & Now, a comparison is shown between the old style of working and the current working style in today’s organizations.

This infographic gives suggestions that can be implemented to enhance the productivity by encouraging the employees and ultimately augmenting the overall growth of the company. The flexible working hours, more focus on efficiency, well­ designed workplaces with comfortable seating arrangements, use of latest communication tools, implementation of advanced data management systems, etc. are some of the changes that have been observed taking place within the organizations over the years. These changes are undoubtedly for a good reason and every organization should focus on these changes to enhance their employees satisfaction level. When  employees are satisfied, they’ll surely put all their efforts to make their employers feel satisfied with the company’s progress.


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Employees Work Style infographics-careerbuilder India
CareerBuilder-Employees Work Style­ : Then & Now (Infographics)

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