Employee's expectations from Employee recognition

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It is a proven fact that appreciation builds good relationships between company and employees. A happy member is a productive member of the team, and when he also has good relations with the company, business goals are meant to be met.

Employee's expectations from Employee recognition

We have anyhow talked a lot about employee recognition’s importance, effective ideas, and what role does leaders & HR play in it, in our previous posts. Now, let us unveil employees’ expectations from employee recognition programs because ultimately these programs are designed to keep them happy and satisfied.

In a survey on employee recognition, employees were asked, “what type of recognition do you value the most?” According to the survey results;

  • 30% of the total workers surveyed said they look forward to growth opportunity as recognition.
  • 28% workers said they will appreciate ‘praise’
  • 24% workers voted for rewards (gift cards/money)
  • 10% said ‘Need No Reward, I know I am doing a good job’
  • 9% voted for others

Based on this survey, it is crystal clear that employees yearn for growth opportunities and praise. Gen Y as well as Gen X are looking forward to a challenging career opportunities to prove their skills. It’s just that they need a right platform; and when they get that, new records are made.

What’s Alarming?

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According to the same survey, only 12% of employees said that they receive frequent appreciation at work. Instead, employees believe that frequency counts. They expect certain appreciation once in a week.

The figure is certainly alarming because when employee do not feel appreciated or motivated, they tend to lose interest in their work; consequences of which are obviously no secret.

Also, have a look at what happens when an employee feels recognized:

  • 92% of appreciated or recognized workers said, “I feel proud to work at my company.”
  • 86% said, “My job makes me happy.”
  • 70% said, “I would recommend our products.”
  • 59% said, “My job brings out my most creative ideas.”

With such a positive response, I hope you know what you need to implement at your organization.

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