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As more and more young professionals try to achieve the work-life balance, overall Indians seem to give into an increasing number of lifestyle diseases. India is fast becoming a country where some deaths are caused by lifestyle diseases and non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Worst of all, Indians, especially the younger generation has begun suffering from mental illness such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Recent studies and findings have found that with an increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases in India, millions are dying almost every year.

In developing markets like India, it has been observed that companies have a tendency to focus on ‘employee illness’ rather than promoting ‘employee wellness.’ Despite an increase in absenteeism gradually amounting to substantial losses for corporate India, employee wellness programs are yet to be incorporated entirely by organisations across the country.

A predominantly sedentary lifestyle has resulted in an increase in lifestyle and non-communicable diseases such as cancer, stress, mental illnesses, and cardiovascular diseases.

While most employers realise that a healthy workforce is a key to productive business, they somehow fail to work towards creating well-structured wellness programs to ensure that employees are hale and hearty.

Until recently, employee wellness programs included a basic gymnasium and may be posters encouraging employees to take stairs instead of lifts. However, it’s time that corporate India wakes up to the dire consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and encourage staff to take care of their health.

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It is highly essential that organisations began implementing wellness programs and regularly encourage employees to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.

Apparently, incorporating sound employee wellness programs can help mitigate time, space and cost constraints that usually used as an excuse for being inactive. It has been proven that good wellness programs promote engagement, communication, and camaraderie among employees. Studies indicated that companies with good wellness programs decreased healthcare costs by 20% to 55% and lowered short-term sickness by 6% to 32%.

Observe the following infographic to get a better idea of how and what kind of diseases are currently plaguing urban Indians and why corporate India must consider serious implementation of employee wellness programs.

Employee Wellness Programs

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