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According to the Glassdoor, approximately 57% of all employees say that benefits and perks are among the top things they consider while deciding to accept a job offer. And nearly 80% of employees say that they would prefer new benefits, like sabbaticals (paid time off) or health insurance, over a pay raise. Company perks are probably the best way to keep a check in employee engagement.

These days, while there is stiff competition in the job market, and millennials switch jobs every two years, employee engagement is a challenging task. Employers do need to come up with innovative ideas to ensure employee engagement. Therefore, companies are moving beyond free food, on-site gyms and pension plans in order to attract talent. In the words of Scott Dobroski, career-trends analyst, Glassdoor, “Benefits and perks matter because of they are an added piece of the total compensation puzzle”.

Incredible Employee Engagement Strategies

employee engagement

#1. Onsite Health Assistances

How about massage after an hour-long presentation followed by a meeting? Well, onsite health assistances such as a massage, onsite acupuncture and improve certain employers offer classes. Whenever you are tired and looking out for a scope to relax, just rush to the massage parlour. Get a session and come back completely rejuvenated.

Companies like Google and Twitter fall under this category where onsite health assistance are offered as employee engagement tools.

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#2. Happy Hours at Any Hours

It might come as a surprise, but drinking on the job are allowed in certain companies; which is in moderation of course. Whether it’s organising whisky Fridays or providing beer vending machines on-site, or giving employees, 24*7 access to a fully-stocked bar, some companies have started offering alcohol as an incentive to ensure radical employee engagement. Employees do not only appreciate this kind of a gesture, but employers have also found that, letting employees socialise over beer results in good team-bonding.

#3. Egg Freezing Policy

Not so long ago, Apple and Facebook made headlines when they announced the policy of egg freezing to attract and engage more female employees. Yes. It is one of the rarest and of course an incredible employee perk, offered by any organisation so far. Female employees can choose to avail this policy and thereby reap the benefits.

#4. Nap Time

Have you ever fallen asleep on the job? Or at least you were somewhere close to it? Well, some companies do offer nap time as an employee retention strategy. Companies like Google and Huffington Post advocate the idea of napping at work. It is believed that a short or power nap at work can boost productivity.

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#5. Paid Sabbaticals

Paid sabbaticals are no longer meant for college professors. These days, even the corporate sector employees can avail such benefits. Some well-known companies like Google and Adobe offer paid sabbaticals to staff. At consulting firm Deloitte, employees can choose from partially paid 3-6 months leave to a fully unpaid leave for a month. During this time, they can opt to do whatever they feel like—travel the world, pursue a course or enhance their existing skills.

Studies have proven that when an employee comes back from a sabbatical, he or she is much more rejuvenated and energised to perform better at work.

#6. Gender Reassignment

Do you find it surprising? Well, gender assignment is a typical employee perk provided by very few organisations. Among them, global IT giant, Accenture is known for its policy of gender reassignment. As an initiative to its commitment to the LGBTQ community, the organisation has offered the policy of gender reassignment to its employees belonging to the LGBTQ community.

#7. Death Benefits

Death benefits are probably one of the unique employee benefits provided by any company. Pioneered by IT giant Google, in this benefit, the spouse of a deceased Google employee receives 50 percent of their salary for the next ten years.

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#8. Pets at Work

Allowing employees to bring their pets (mainly puppies) at work is one of the unique ways of indulging in employee engagement. This move not only relieves employees about the worry of finding a pet sitter, but it can also add some factor of fun at workplace. Companies like Nestle and Google offer this unique policy.

These are just a few ways employees are getting creative to stand out from their competitors and ensure high employee retention rate.

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