New Maternity Leave Policies- Tata Sons Leaves No Scope for Career Break

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Maternity leaves means a short-term career break from the life of a working woman. For some, this career break turns too long to compensate the gap when women do not have anyone else to undertake the responsibility of their new born. According to AVTAR Career Creators, ‘Women career is most vulnerable after maternity as almost 48% of employees decide to drop out’. Considering the dropping ratio of women employees from organizations due to maternity leaves, Tata Sons has set a new benchmark for its workforce.

A New Employee Engagement Initiative by Tata Sons

The organization is introducing a spectrum of new policies, designed exclusively to motivate and retain the working mothers associated with the brand.

Let’s show you some insights about the Women Policies newly released by Tata Sons

  • 7-month maternity leave, post-maternity support of 18 months
  • The maternity leaves can be taken from 2 months prior to child birth
  • Women can work from home with reduced hours till 18 months
  • Months in post-maternity period will get half-pay for half-working day
  • Women willing to work full-time from home, will be able to work in flexible work arrangements

New Maternity Leave Policies- Tata Sons Leaves No Scope for Career Break

  • On completion of 5 years of employment, women can take up to 1 year of leave for child care and elder care
  • The 1 year leave can be availed in instalments for a minimum of 2 months
  • Compensation for women on maternity breaks will be 50% of the last drawn CTC
  • For women on maternity breaks, performance rating will be conducted basis on the work done in the previous years and previous ratings
  • Maternity leaves, or work from home or flexible work will be considered as a continued service
  • For women employees, promotions will not be a cause of concern during the maternity period
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Tata Sons, being the first company to bring forth a holistic policy for its workforce has set a benchmark and bestowed new learnings to budding entrepreneurs, as well as, recruiters looking out for best talent.

In the present era, where women have become as competitive as men, while handling versatile roles much beyond their workplace, attending to their basic needs must be the primary concern of employers aiming at employee retention and employee engagement. Recognizing how important their roles in workplace, as well as, in a family; HR leaders must strategize and executive policies which are directed towards retaining women workforce for a longer haul. While, maximum organizations across India facilitate women with a provision of 3 months maternity leaves, more and more brands such as Tata Sons are now stretching out their roots by formulating early childhood policies and making the professional and personal life easier for a working woman.

Till date, the thought of ‘family planning’ has been a challenging one for most women employees considering the diverse nerves connected with profession break, ‘feeling of being unemployed’, dependency on spouse, and the individual obligations required in the early phases of parenthood. By revolutionizing the thinking pattern, the entire recruitment industry can enhance their company’s standard by not only hiring the best talent but by also taking employee engagement initiatives and shaping the future of those employees who are working in spite of experiencing their pivotal phases of individual life.

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