Employee Engagement

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It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Sounds of golden bells, glimpses of Christmas & New Year decorations are around and the cool breeze is all set to make people feel lethargic and unproductive at work. Holidaying and partying, that’s employees wish to experience in the last month, last week of the year to express their happiness. With all this on, you as an HR head of the company must be anxious about the overall productivity, which is getting lost from the employees’ end. You can neither push employees to work as energetically, as they were working all throughout the year nor you can reduce the number of their vacation and make them complete their pending tasks.

While, you must be ready to bid a happy farewell to year 2016, it is vital that you devise a strategy that can bring productivity results in the year end too. How can you prepare your employees to work enthusiastically in the holiday season and prepare for the New Year?

Here is the secret.

Employee Engagement

1. Devise a memorable employee engagement strategy

You know that nothing happens without a reason. Employees in a holiday mood do not work harder unless they are getting a good morale boost. So, to get the best out of your employees in this season, all that you can do the most is engaging your employees in the most incredible way. Throw random parties inside and outside office premises on the occasion of Christmas & New Year’s eve. If they get a time to party, they will feel energise and they will bounce back to put that extra efforts resulting in higher productivity.

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2. Surprise your Clients & Customers

Just like clients, your employees are most important to you. Employees bring you business and in return you owe them a surprise in the year end. The simple reason is to reach to their heart so that they remain connected to you. Train your employees to create special mention of gestures on Christmas & New Year and reach out to your clients. Whether you gift out corporate vouchers, send memorable greeting cards, company products with an inspiring message or simply a free service or discount on your products. They will feel all the way more valued with the way you will surprise your clients and the productivity, which would turn out from employees for this activity would be way beyond your imagination. After all, it’s the year end and that has to be productive yet memorable for employees, as well as, your clients.

3. The Employer Branding Way

Employer branding is not just about promoting the business but also about using the budget wisely.  The best decision you can probably take in the holiday season is by making your HR aware of how they must use the budget wisely to promote the employer brand. And, when they will work hard on this strategy, sales will come in. Understanding the importance of an employee engagement and employer branding strategy is crucial at this stage. The timing of the strategy should be in-line with the occasion with a clear objective in the mind. They should understand the risk associated with the same if it goes wrong and plan accordingly.

When employees are motivated, you can be sure of the results they will be delivering to the organisation. Taking a step towards employee engagement strategies in the holiday season can go miles in achieving great results in the year end.

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