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Previous years have witnessed various important changes and evolution in the recruitment industry. Platforms such as social and mobile recruitment have evolved and changed the face of recruitment space. Furthermore, Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and other recruitment tools have expanded their roots and made a successful entry into the recruiter’s experience, while sourcing candidates. Enlisted are the top 5 emerging trends in staffing software that will pave a new way into the recruitment industry, in 2016:


Emerging Trends in Staffing Software
Staffing Software

5 Emerging Trends in Staffing Software

 1. Social Media Recruitment

Social media is becoming the new job search platform. Consistent researches reveal that 69% of  candidates go to a company’s professional networking site profile page to search for a job while 56% prefer company’s Facebook page. Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms come next after professional networking sites and Facebook when it comes to job search.  Considering these tedious ways of job search, various ATS’s have evolved with an integration of social media search feature to search candidates, share jobs and even conduct interviews. “Talentstream Recruit” by CareerBuilder India is one such example that offers ATS integration with multiple websites including social media and job sites. In coming days, this process will further accelerate to become smarter and support personalized outreach, targeted messaging and gamification on social media platforms.

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  2. Mobile Recruitment

Mobile apps are becoming a necessity in almost every sector be it Retail, Hospitality, Banking, Health Care or Human  Resources. The availability of mobile apps has made it easy for both candidates and recruiters to look for jobs or prospective candidates respectively. Companies can easily turn their ATSs and website into mobile responsive sites to make them easily accessible via mobile. According to a study, 77% job seekers now use smart phones to search for their desired jobs. Companies such as, CareerBuilder is proving to be a game changer for emerging trends in staffing software that is also devising advanced methodologies that make the resume submission and job application through mobile devices easier and smoother.

3. Smart ATS

ATS systems that come with inbuilt selection tools such as, online skill testing are becoming more popular common. With more and more companies willing to embrace automatic recruitment tools, major recruitment technology firms have started to adopt proprietary algorithms and selection tools to screen the candidates way before any face to face interaction takes place between the recruiter and the candidate.

4. Automatic Candidate Assessment Tools

These emerging trends in staffing software enable a candidate to show its abilities and suitability for the position without actually getting interviewed with multiple recruiters to begin with. It will help both the candidates and recruiters save their time and efforts in interviews. As recruiters gutted in an avalanche of candidate resume find it difficult to shortlist suitable candidates they will demand more of this functionality from the recruitment software.

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5. Cloud-Based Systems

There was a time when Applicant Tracking Systems were used to be utilized by only the top-notch organizations and it used to be installed on premises. The trend is changing dramatically now and most small and mid-level organizations are adapting to the growing number of cloud-based ATSs designed specifically for them. It is estimated that in the coming year, cloud-based systems will completely take over their hosted and installed counterparts.

In the era, wherein  companies are competing against each other to grab the best of the talent, the growth of automatic recruitment software is evident.  These systems are not just robust, faster and time saving but also offer an organization a competitive edge over its competitors.

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