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Recruitment is an activity that requires business perspective, expertise, and ability to find and match the best potential candidate for the organisation, diplomacy, marketing and wisdom to align the recruitment processes for the benefit of the organisation.

The HR professionals handling the recruitment function of the organisation are constantly facing new challenges.


The biggest challenge for such professionals is to source or recruit the best people or potential candidate for the organisation. This seems even more difficult when it comes to hiring fresh graduates, engaging them and finally succeeding in retaining them.

Challenges in Hiring Fresh Graduates

Although the industry knows that fresh graduates would be less demanding in terms of money, despite that most often recruiters abstain from recruiting fresh graduates owing to certain challenges. So what are these challenges? Three major challenge comprise the following:

  • Juvenile attitude towards work and corporate life of fresh graduates
  • Fresh graduates usually have very less knowledge of work culture and working standards
  • They are also unaware about business standards and business models

What Price do Employers Have to Pay for This?

  • Real property cost (space consumed by employee in office does not come for free) where a new recruit will use as much space as seniors take. On an average, an employee needs 10 square metres area which may cost an organisation at locations like
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India : 50-200$/month

Singapore : 80-300$/month

United Kingdom: 80-400$/month

  • Electricity cost will also be consumed by all employees, but productivity might not be the same for all, especially a fresher. So why recruit someone who would take more rather than give more.
  • Public utility cost will also be incurred for facilities provided by the employer. The company also provides food and water to the employee, the cost of which is obviously incurred by the former.

Solutions towards Hiring

The following can be a possible solution towards hiring fresh talent:

  1. Entry level salary is very important. Do not forget to review market trends in these terms and make sure that you are offering a decent enough salary. As a recruiter, make sure that you are offering the correct compensation that are right up to industry standards. Though, you are hiring fresh graduates, these days salary plays a crucial role in the hiring process.
  2. A proper introduction about the company; this will enable potential candidates to fully understand company services and its products. Explain clearly in simple terms as to what they have to do and how to begin and how slowly get into the process.
  3. Offer a well-defined career path. If you are able to paint a beautiful picture with describing his/her career path in the company, it will be one of the best ways to attract a fresh graduate. Also explain the career opportunities that your company can offer to the candidate in terms of growth.
  4. Give them the opportunity to voice out. Let them talk and listen to what they want and why would they choose your company as their first job. By doing so, you are analyzing his strength and weakness if he/she are to be offer a job in your organization
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Dilemmas in Engaging Fresh Graduates

While there are challenges faced by the recruiters during the hiring process, engaging fresh graduates is the next challenge that they have to deal with. What are these challenges?

  • Since fresh graduates are young and energetic they tend to be experimental with jobs.
  • They do not understand the ways of the corporate world and might tend to experiment with their own ways and attitude

Solutions towards Engaging Fresh Graduates

  1. Get your best people to engage with students. Do remember to get your best employee to be working with the freshers. Introduce them to existing interns and involve in company processes.
  1. Provide them with the training they require to sustain themselves in the corporate world.
  1. Provide them with a work culture where they are not only able to work, but also learn and actually enjoy the work they are doing.

Problem in Retaining Fresh Graduates

While hiring and engaging have its challenges, so does retaining fresh graduates. Often recruiters find it difficult to retain fresh graduates. This is mostly because:

  • Fresh graduates are enthusiastic and also restless to certain extent
  • Sometimes they tend to wok according to their own whims and fancies
  • They have a tendency towards job hopping
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Solution towards Retaining Fresh Graduates

The possible solutions towards retaining fresh graduates can be the following:

  1. Providing a bigger and a better picture about their goal. Recruiters should be able to provide a larger goal along with the graduates’ personal goal about growth. The personal and the professional growth should align with each other.
  2. Giving the required training is yet another way out as fresh graduates are usually open towards learning. It they get to proper training and the opportunity to get involved in significant projects, it will be easier to retain them.
  3. Last but not the least do not treat them as children. No one likes to be treated as children. So, when they are ready to step up as working adults, respect them as individuals who can substantially contribute towards your organization.

From the aforementioned points it can be concluded that just hiring fresh graduates is not enough as companies need to engage them as well as device strategies to retain them as well.


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