The founders of the business might ask why did they set-up a company if there orders were not to be followed. But, here lies the catch. Following the majority rather than following what the boss says brings forth better changes for the organization. The Democratic Model has been successful in the functioning of most organizations from GitHub to Automattic and has been adopted by W.L Gore, where their 10,000 employees elect the CEO.

There are reasons as to why these organizations do better than their competitors with Democratic Workplace Model.

If your organization needs quick maneuvering, relies on fast action and needs speedy production, you will have to trust your people to do it for you. They have all the skills required to carry on the work, without any interference from higher authorities. Taking the matter to the highest echelons of power, jams the idea for easy action. Deciding the best amongst the team, in such cases proves to be a far better strategy.

Innovation Round The Clock
If your firm requires delivery of ideas, then you should keep it flat. Innovation is more of a team virtue, than an individual one. The more the merrier, stays as an unsaid rule in these cases. Autonomy and innovation go hand-in-hand for any great business organization; hierarchical structures conform to the same old ideas in more ways.

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Goal Sharing
If you have hired the right people, then they would share your goals and that makes them absolutely eligible to take decisions on behalf of the company, just like you. A flat organization gives shares responsibility and the employees feel accountable for every decision and they don’t need a master controlling their behavior. This makes the organization efficient and effective at all times.

So, is your organization is counted as a democratic workplace?

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