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 “Most resume end up in trash. Mine- in your belly”.

This phrase was written by a genius job-seeker on a box of donuts that hit the headlines a day back in San Francisco and moved the recruitment industry across the world.

The competition for jobs has always made career-hunters anxious about getting their dream jobs in time. Recruiters encounter thousands of resumes in a day, out of which, some are actually moved to trash. Owing to this very reason, candidates have started experimenting innovating ways to get noticed. The story of this job-seeker is just an example of how candidates should be seeking out for jobs.

Lukas Yla, the marketing professional graduate took advantage of America’s passion for donuts and introduced an idea of delivering his resume to all the recruiters working in the domain. Weird yet innovative, the idea did actually work out for him. With his over 40 resumes being delivered along with donut boxes, the mastermind candidate made his entry to 10 interviews.

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The brilliant strategy was acknowledged by his target employers Jessica Scorpio, VP of marketing at Getaround, a car-sharing community as they created the buzz around this story on their Twitter platform.

Key Learnings for Job Seeking Candidates to Get Their Resume Noticed

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking out for an entry-level position or seasoned professional planning to switch your current job and seeking a new role to enhance your career, the following tips can be very helpful to get noticed by your target recruiters.

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Learning 1: Think Beyond the Whitepaper

If or not, you are in a creative industry, despite your position, you can still make your resume talk innovatively about you. Do not stay confined within the black and white lines. Treat your CV like your portfolio with vibrant colors (not overused), something like an infographic. After all, catching the eye balls of your recruiters for an interview, that’s all you want at the moment.

 Learning 2: Promote Yourself like a Brand Ambassador

Just like marketing professionals promote a brand in the loudest way, don’t consider your resume any lesser than a product promotion. That does not mean, you overlook the professional guidelines. However, you can always highlight your key areas that you think may add value to the target organization. Showcase what’s needed the most even if it’s your first interview ever. Make your resume the best ever they came across. Font size, photograph, cover letter, cover page, and all the information you would like to display must carry a unique value in itself to make your resume standout.

Learning 3: Don’t Appear Naïve

Indeed, graduates are not expected to display experience, which they do not have at all. Hiring managers are looking for creativity, innovation, confidence and learning skills, which you can showcase all through your resume. If you know the art to turn an ordinary resume into an influential interview caller, you are almost there in their mind.  Lukas Yla was a graduate seeking a job for quite long. He took advantage of America’s passion for donuts and came up with a unique idea to allow his resume reach out to the target employers. If he can, why not you?

Our psyche is flooded with thoughts, we simply need to put some time in investigating those and deliver the best one outside. Job-seekers around the globe are busy applying for their dream occupations. However, the route to success does not lie in their application but rather in their resume in the first place, which they should work upon. Inhaled the recent news and learnings described overhead, candidates can actually pave a smarter way for themselves and add value to their job hunting process.

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