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I saw Mahesh after 7 years. We were classmates and also stayed in the same building. In school, he had his set of friends and I had mine.So,we barely had any conversation. But every evening, we both would play badminton as a team with other guys of the apartment.

Work, Culture, Decision


He was silent, reserved and operated like a robot to the commands of his parents. His father was a strict man. He worked with some reputed MNC as an executive, and his mother was a housewife. She is a great lady.But, she had serious inhibitions about almost everything. She would never let him play a second more than the allowed limit. She would shout out his name from the balcony and this guy would run.Sometimeswhen I begged her to let him play for some more time, she would shake her head in denial and say, “No no. You don’t know his Dad; he does not really like it.”

After the board exams when we were to choose a stream, I chose commerce and Mahesh opted for Science. Mahesh too wanted to go for commerce but that could not happen as his Dad was the decision maker. We were studying now in different sections and as his subjects were tough so he had to go for tuitions, we were not even a team now.

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Mahesh was parking his car, so I went to him, and addressed him like I always did, “What’s up, you introvert cat.” He got out of the car smiling and said, “How have you been dude”. I said I have been awesome to which he said, “You have been a lucky guy always. Still going around with Sheetal?” I said, “No. She is history now.” He laughed, and then I asked him about work. He told me he is working as a software engineer and was really pissed off in life.

I knew that would happen, but still I asked him the reason. He said, he really could never connect to this stream he was involved professionally. Neither did he enjoy it.” Then he took a pause and said, “But as you know things have always been like this with me. So now it does not hurt.”

I told him, “Why don’t you talk to your family, you are a grown up now, you should speak for yourself. It’s still not late, go for something you like”. So he said, “I talked to mom once but got to hear the same thing, you know what that is.”

I said, “Yes, I know…Did she say, your Dad won’t really like it?”

He silently smiled and said, “Exactly”.

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