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It is upsetting, it can get untidy, and it channels on your efficiency. Despite the fact that you are a top performer or a kind team member, there will be people over, near, below or around you, who will be trying to cease your happiness at work which becomes office politics.

Happiness could be in terms of your rewards, which you might be receiving from your boss previously, your success in terms of monetary achievements or the way everyone would be chilling up with you. They show they are happy, but deep inside- they are burning high. These are people who are extremely jealous of you. They do not like seeing you growing up no matter their own growth is affected or not. Some ‘political creatures’ like these,  when try to hinder your capabilities to work effectively, it is where you must craft the excellence of conquering that portion of crowd in a subtle way. Certainly it is hard to become seamless in this task, however,  prevention is always better than cure if you want to ensure you live in an organisational culture that is allowing you work the way you want.

How to deal with the office politics?

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1. Keep your head & heels high

Do not take or give any favors to any employee- above, below or around you. Whether it is about offering a free drop or a drink at a casual space besides office. Such favors often turn out to be dangerous, when those ‘political creatures’ try their best to manipulate your image in a wrong way. It is hence, better to be safe than sorry. Act like a watchman who is aware of his surroundings and the home he is protecting. Your work is your home and you should be protecting it wherever you go. Make good connections with associates but do not forget that your own dignity and hard work alone will go a long way not your connections. In times when your connections will go against you, it will only be your self-worth that will help keep your head and heels high.

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2. Don’t show all your cards

Talking contrarily about anybody in the face of their good faith can be counterproductive to your own development at work place. We trust them. We gossip and chat. We share our personal lives in good faith but it all goes into vain when the same people turn out to be most unreliable and faith-breaching. Over work issues, people tend to get closer to their work mates and share their views about their boss and other colleagues, which ultimately become the hardest battle to fight at the workplace. When you know this is going to happen today or tomorrow, simply maintain a harmonious relationship and a parallel distance that does not break that thin line of trust and also help you keep your secrets to you. You do not need to share the entire story, things can work with a few words as well. The art to speak concise is tough but extremely important in the political work environment.

3. Fake it till you make it

There are constantly two parts of your work – the real beneficial work that you finish, and what others see you have fulfilled. Abstain from being seen as the ‘focal point of the universe’ or a “chatterbox” at work. Rather, get yourself a skill that will increase the value of your profession, which nobody can play with. Stretch your imaginations towards your actual work and do not let the world know your hard work. Show when you achieve, not before that.

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Believe it or not, you are the most important person who can take care of yourself in any working environment. All that you need is a little talent to deal with unknown and unexpected work situations, as well as, people. Becoming your own doctor during this juncture is the way to succeed in your career, creating a harmonious culture around you and prevent yourself in becoming a victim of office politics.

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