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In conversation with Mr. Vikas Dua, we spoke about “how essential the role of technology in Talent Acquisition is?” In his utmost personal words, the talent hiring specialist enlightened CareerBuilder India about his views on ‘what lies in future for the recruitment industry’.

Ever since ‘Job Listings’ transitioned from newspapers to computer screens, technology has continued to play an extremely critical role in the domain of Talent Acquisition.

Thereafter, there have been both small and big ticket enhancements in talent acquisition at various points in history. Today, tech has been integrated almost seamlessly into the entire value chain – from sourcing to recruitment to new hire on-boarding.

The key implementations (and benefits) of Tech in Talent Acquisition in the past have been

  1. Faster and Targeted Search from Online Job Boards (Portals)
  2. Automated Selection and Offer Process aided by end-to-end Recruitment Management Systems (RMS)
  3. Real-time Recruitment MIS facilitated by databases / RMS

With recent advancements in technology, the canvas for implementing the same in recruitment, has become even broader. Hence, we are seeing newer applications of technology enabling the ‘transformation’ of recruitment in ways never seen before.

The seeds of these changes have already been sown and the fruits are now visible, with the potential to be key ‘transformational’ changes. Some of these are:

  1. Bot-enabled Sourcing – Algorithms and ‘Bots’ have already been deployed in the Sourcing of candidates. Operating with speed and at a fraction of the cost of human recruiters, these are enabling the search of a large pool of candidates, connecting more relevant profiles to the more complex Job Roles that are on offer today. Also, importantly, this tech advancement is facilitating the critical need to reach out to ‘passive candidates’ – those who are not actively seeking a job change.
  2. Remote Video Interviews – With increasing commute times in most large cities across the globe, multiple selection and interview rounds, the need to simplify the recruitment process is a need that no organization can ignore. The integration of tools that allow for interviews to be done remotely has been a boon in this area. The fact that these tools also allow for interview recordings, candidate scores and recruiter comments to be saved for records and audit purposes, makes these tools valuable, both, for the candidates and the organizations that have deployed them.
  3. Gamification of the Selection Process – Especially in the IT recruitment space, software has aided the skill testing of potential hires, by implementation of Gamification – where online coding contests help screen candidates and evaluate relative performance. An advancement that lends itself well to the ‘new-age’, ‘always on’ digital generation that has grown up with video games.
  4. Virtual Reality On-Boarding – At the cutting edge of tech’s play in talent acquisition, lies the utilization of Virtual Reality tech in welcoming a new hire into an organization’s fold while providing a virtual site tour of a remote manufacturing and getting him/her to meet with key leaders based at global headquarters. The days of showing PowerPoint slideshows with outdated statistics are headed the way of the dinosaurs.
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Am sure there are many more technology enabled enhancements in recruitment that are at various stages of concept testing or implementation across the globe. It surely is an exciting time to be in recruitment. I’d love to hear your observations / views on the same.

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All views expressed are personal.

Vikas-Dua About Vikas Dua

A Post graduate in Business Management from the Infinity Business School and a graduate of the Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai, Vikas brings with him over 16 years of rich and diverse experience across three industries in the services sector – Hospitality, Education and ITES.

At Wipro Ltd., with extensive exposure over the years to varied dimensions of Talent Acquisition such as Volume Hiring, Campus Recruitment, Lateral Hiring, Train and Hire Models, Talent Acquisition Analytics and New-Hire On-boarding, Vikas is a well-rounded TA specialist who has seen the changing recruitment landscape up close.

The technology backed changes in the recruitment space have been of great personal interest to him, encouraging him to pursue a course in Digital Marketing Specialization from Northwestern University to aid the exploration of newer frontiers such as Social Media Hiring.

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