Most Creative Talent Acqusition Strategies

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Each year, hiring managers and recruiters think of new, innovative talent acquisition strategies to inspire the best and the brightest people to join their organisation. It is no secret that with the increased use of the mobile devices and social media employers have to adapt their recruitment tactics to attract the top talent.

In today’s progressively transparent job market, smart organisations are turning the tables on their recruitment methods. Top talent is no longer merely taking their decisions on company financials and salaries. It implies that employers must make their organisation (brand) attractive inside and out.

To win the war of talent companies must spark their creativity and create “out of the box” hiring campaigns like following brands. These companies made an impression with these fabulous recruitment campaigns and interacted in a unique way with candidates.

Let’s take a look at 4 best approaches to talent acquisition.

1. Red 5 Studios

Red 5 came up with the idea of “Personalized iPod”. Initially, they carefully chose 100 “potential” candidates after performing a rigorous social media research on them.  Afterwards, they send personalised iPod to them with Red 5 CEO Mark Kerr recorded message covering their past achievements and inviting them to apply at Red 5.

Red 5 Studios
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Result – 90 out of 100 candidates responded and 3 of them joined the Red 5 Team.

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2. Ikea Australia – Secret Job Description

Ikea Australia smartly executed their creative talent acquisition strategy by concealing the job description inside every pack of furniture sold. The best part is the campaign does not cost a penny to Ikea.

Result – The campaign led 4285 applications and 280 new hires, which is a big win for the Ikea.

3. Quixey – 60 Seconds Challenge

A Silicon Valley startup Quixey played its hiring strategy very well. To compete with the IT giants like Google and Facebook for best talent Quixey organised 60-second program puzzle.  It challenged engineers to solve the sixty seconds programming problem, offering 100 dollars reward every day for a month.

The best walked away with the prize money, and Quixey got access to an exclusive database of talented candidates.

Quixey 60 sec challenge
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Result – They got the access to excellent candidates and successfully brought most of them on board.

4. MasterCard Canada – Internship Social Media Channel

MasterCard Canada offered college students an opportunity to compete for an internship on social media channels using the hashtag #internswanted. The company asked students to submit a technique or an idea for the product app to support the company to move towards cashless transactions in near future. The contestants have judged by “retweets” and “likes” their ideas acquired.

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Mastercard Canada
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Result – They received 532 qualified candidates database and expanded their approach to hiring the intern due to the talent quality.

Conducting the candidate search is one of the primary aspects of business. Executing the right talent acquisition strategies not only allows you to hire suitable candidates, but also makes your workplace happy. Take the creative inspiration from modern day employers who are attracting and recruiting the talent faster than a competition and without spending a fortune.

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