Candidate search technologies

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Attracting the best and the brightest people to join your company demands implementation of some robust recruitment strategies. But finding those people requires reasonable efforts and may be some amount of creativity thrown into your hiring process. It also calls for the smart use of candidate search technologies to make the process faster and easier.

Well, in this competitive job market, as an employer, you have to decide upon better candidate search technologies and you will have to do things differently if you really want to avoid sifting through a huge stack of resumes and want to reach out to your ideal candidate who probably already has a full-time job, you have to resort not only to innovative talent search tools but also develop a creative recruiting strategy.

From introducing interactive group interviews to the recruitment process to actively searching for talent in the most unusual places, and targeting passive candidates—the paragraphs below highlight some creative ways to hire the best talent.

Candidate search technologies
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#1. Organize an open house event

If you are searching for the ideal candidate from a stack of resumes, just like separating wheat from the chaff, try adding another layer between resume submission and one-to-one interview. The idea is to invite all eligible job candidates to an open group event such as Open House. Such an event will enable recruiters to openly send invitation to thousands of candidates who will simply walk in. This will give employers a chance to observe candidates in less serious set up and also work towards their candidate search technologies.

#2. Arrange an interactive session

Organizing an interactive session for potential candidates make for a good effort in order to tap the best talent. Interacting with potential candidates in a group setting is an excellent way to see their character, interests, working knowledge and communication skills. It also lets you see if they are a good fit with your corporate culture.

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#3. Target passive candidates

Targeting passive candidates is probably one of the best possible solutions for hiring some of the perfect contenders. But you will never get to hire them, unless and until you tell them that you are looking for new hires. Reach out to passive candidates in a personal manner by leveraging the power of social media. Learn about them and their past work. Try and remember to ‘flatter’ them as well. This way you will be able to tap some great hires for your company.

#4. Look for talent at unlikely places

Well, this is one of the best tips that truly works out for employers. Do remember to look out for talent everywhere, even at unlikely places. For example, a call centre employee can actually turn out to be good salesperson in the retail segment. In order to tap such candidates, it is advisable that you look up all possible places for jobseekers.

#5. Attend events other than job fairs

While job fairs can be a good place to tap potential candidates, it might not apply to become a great candidate search technology. Therefore, try looking for candidates at other events. This can actually work wonders. For example, may be you are looking to hire a creative writer for your editorial team; why not attend a bloggers meet that is happening in your city? You might just stumble upon the best writer!

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#6. Stand out in the non-traditional media

A written job description on a job search site might not be very appealing. A video or podcast will however, just do that. Using non-traditional recruiting media provides you with a chance to convey a lot about your company culture to your jobseekers.

A fun video on YouTube showing how awesome it is to be an employee at your organization can have a huge impact on future employees. Actually, such a move can work as a great candidate search technology and help employers tap the best possible candidates.

#7. Leverage the power of social media

Social media is probably one of the best ways to connect with candidates at a personal level. Utilize this to the fullest and look up for candidates with the exact kind of qualifications you are looking for. You may choose to message them directly with your requirements. This way you can come across some of the best job candidates.

#8. Consider advertising at unlikely places

In order to implement some of the best candidate search technologies and tap great talents, do consider advertising even at unlikely places. Online communities, as opposed to all-inclusive job boards is a good place to target your target your recruitment process at a specific demographic. For example, if you are looking for a developer, try searching for the terms like ‘developer forums’. You will come across multiple places, just for developers, where you can publicize that you are hiring.

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#9. Consider hiring past candidates

It might come as a surprise, but former rejected candidates can make for a great hire now. In the past, you may not have considered a candidate, owing to some or the other reason. Perhaps their salary was comparatively higher or they might not have been the right fit for the role, back then. But, you may consider getting back to them now and definitely consider them for a position.

#10. Promote employee referrals

Employee referrals are an excellent way of tapping some great candidates. Rather, it is probably one of the best forms of candidate search technologies that can enable you to get in touch with the best of the candidates. Let your current employees know that you are looking out for new hires and they can spread the word. Do remember to offer incentives in return.

Searching and tapping the right candidate for a vacant position is not an easy task. As an employer you have to put in a lot of effort to be able to hire the best possible candidates. So, do remember to implement some creative recruitment strategies and candidate search technologies, and thereby, hire the best of the lot.

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