Creating Festive Mood at work

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Human resource team has to take care of so many aspects to make Diwali celebrations a fun activity. We understand your dilemma and demands of doing something new from the previous time, so here we are with the list of activities and decoration ideas you can use to ignite the festive mood at your office.

Creating Festive Mood at work
CareerBuilder_Festive Mood at Workplace

Decoration Ideas:

  • Use traditional handcrafted table cloths and bed sheets to cover tables in cafeteria or office bays. This would give a different look to the ambience.
  • Using diyas, empty containers of fire crackers, and fake gift boxes, you can decorate few corners of the office.
  • Not to have a rangoli competition is ok, but you can still create a beautiful rangoli with flower, and colours at the office entrance.
  • Diwali decoration is incomplete with garlands of marigold flowers. Use them with a twist for decoration this time; you can take ideas from Pinterest.
  • If it is ok with your office principles, play traditional Diwali Indian music and ask everyone to show some bollywood moves.

Food Delight:

  • Call out all your employees together and cut a diwali theme cake with diya and fire crackers art on it.
  • Treat your employees with food, sweets or deserts, dry fruits, snacks in the office canteen. Employee feel valued when they are offered free delicacies.
  • Gift chocolates as take away gifts for the employees. You can gift chocolates as prizes for answering fun questions during lunch time or during an hour set aside for Diwali celebration at office.
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Diwali Bonanza:

  • You can have a tradition-based fun quiz and ask questions from employees to test their knowledge about the religious values behind Diwali celebrations.
  • Ask every employee to send you a picture of diwali celebration with families (be it of past year) and make a slideshow from them. Play this at office on projector for a day in the office.
  • You may call a henna artist at office for a day to create festive mood for female employees of the office. Similarly, for male employees, a hair stylist can be called.

Aren’t these tips amazing and perfect to infuse fun and festive mood at workplace? If you have more ideas, you may share with others in the comment box below, so that everyone can make the best of Diwali celebrations.

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