Every workplace has its own set of employees, and we know you tend to find quite a handful of them irksome. These coworkers are nothing but people who just won’t work around you, stop you from working, not like to see you work or maybe destroy your work. They are nothing but killers of productivity and your time. Not that they are sadistic, they have it in their character.

Here are the broad categories in which these coworkers can be placed-

The Coworker Who Slacks
This person is mostly seen saying ‘Don’t worry, it shall all be done!’ without even moving his butt an inch. Life is party for them and office is like the everyday morning party. They are seen sleeping, relaxing or eating around their desk. More times than not, they are untrustworthy.

The Coworker Who Overshares
He/ She loves talking about their life, wanting to share everything they idd right from childhood till now. If you become one of their victims you will be able to memorize the details of his/her life and you cannot do a thing about it. They cut time by jabbering and blabbering and hence decreasing your productivity.

The Coworkers Who Says ‘No’ (All the time)
The motivational killers, these guys just love to pull you down. They would never agree with your ideas, nor would they provide an alternate approach to complete them. They are seen saying ‘That won’t work, nope’

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The Coworker Who is Too Full of Himself
These people love to be their own love. They are obsessed with their sense of being and feel the sexiest with their own presence. They will flex their muscles for you to see their bod, show off their shiny hair and call themselves ‘Hot’ all the time! These are the biggest people who just won’t understand deadlines.

If you find a specimen of the above sort anywhere, just run!


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